Pretoria Chapter Meeting

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Pretoria Chapter Meeting

Thursday 30th July 2020‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 21:00 SAST/GMT+2

Warm greetings to you, PSASA Members, Speakers and Friends

Please receive my invitation to the 30 July 2020 meeting of the PSASA Pretoria Chapter. Financial management is very important at all times, even more so during these times of uncertainty. Please join us to hear from our two speakers who are experts in finance and banking.

Our Topic is: Multiplying Your Value Through Financial Management in Times of Crisis and Beyond

We have two great Speakers, Unotida Nyoni who is the President of the PSASA Cape Chapter and Thiruvilasen (Thiru) Pillay, a South African who has built a very successful career in banking in Qatar in the United Arab Emirates. Uno will focus on the entrepreneurial side of business, providing you with tools on how to multiply value through financial management. Thiru will focus on how to manage your personal finances in times of crisis and beyond.

Unotida Nyoni’s talk will provide you with tools to:

1. Increase your business income streams
2. Increase the value and pricing for your already existing income streams
3. Reduce waste and non-productive costs in your business
4. Increase cash in your business
5. Know which numbers to ask for and track in your business.

Thiru Pillay’s talk will include, among other issues:

1. Tactics on approaching the lender for lenience on repayments
2. Financing assets based on their usable life and ability to increase wealth
3. The smart way to finance an asset
4. The impact of a poor credit score on your credit limit and the pricing of your interest rate
5. What you could do as a high-risk customer to manage your credit score
6. Being conservative doesn’t always mean safety and security
7. You can choose to have a sustainable lifestyle

Questions for Breakaway Session:

We will host a breakaway session at which these questions will be discussed:

1. In which specific ways has COVIS 19 affected your financial stability?
2. Which new revenue streams could be viable for you looking into the future?
3. Do you understand how your credit score is calculated and how you could improve it?


Please book. We need your email address in order to send you the online meeting link and password.


Wishing you good health and tenacity as we continue to navigate life during these times.


Best wishes,

Dr Maureen Tong
Chapter President, Pretoria Chapter


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