Johannesburg Chapter Meeting – 23 January 2020

///Johannesburg Chapter Meeting – 23 January 2020
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Happy New Year and all the best for 2020. Our first meeting of the year will be a fantastic ‘double-header’ with two great speakers on fascinating topics. Dr Melodie de Jager will be giving us “a neuroscience perspective on leadership”. Gavin Sharples, one of South Africa’s busiest motivational keynote speakers has found time to come and tell us about “Change Innovation and Kreativity – Chinking”.

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Yours in speaking

Ian Bratt, Chapter President

Dr Melodie de Jager: Unlock your authentic personal power: a neuroscience perspective on leadership

Human programming is called neuroscience and due to neuroplasticity can be pruned and expanded through reflection and moulding to acquire additional skills and dissolve stress.

This presentation will enable you to –
• briefly reflect on your genetics, life experiences, choices and the interplay between them
• appreciate what shaped the unique structure of your brain, feelings and thoughts
• take a step closer to, and guide others to, authentic leadership
• offer movement based self-management tools to unleash your authentic personal power.

This interactive, evidence-based presentation will underline why Malloy says: ‘It’s no longer about the survival of the fittest, it is about the survival of the fitter’ – the leader who can adapt, while staying authentic.

About Melodie

Melodie is the founder of the Mind Moves Institute, a research and training Institute in Johannesburg. She is the author of ground-breaking programmes and 11 books on preconceptual care, birth, child development, learning, performance management, leadership and quality of life – irrespective of age.

Melodie has applied neuroscience to design a functional model of the brain, and a profiling instrument with some zing to match. This instrument is widely used to shed light on learning and performance issues.

Gavin Sharples SASHoF: Change Innovation & Kreativity – Chinking

If you are not changing, innovating or creating you are dying. If you or your company is not undergoing massive amounts of change you are coasting – going downhill – or going backwards. Change is the only constant, so we have to stop thinking and start ChInKing.

Change, innovation and creativity are the foundations of every successful person company or organization in the world. ChInKing is the nature of the universe and of life itself.

It’s easy to talk about change but very few people like and accept change and even fewer know how to implement it. If you are serious about change and you have the guts to do something different then ChInKing is the keynote for you and your company.

About Gavin

As a motivational speaker, Gavin has worked with small, medium and multinational businesses, both locally and internationally, in meetings, corporate events and functions. Gavin delivers ideas and strategies in a no-nonsense, fun manner, getting down to business from the get-go. A true humourist, Gavin approaches the serious issues in life through humour, engaging his audience and leaving them motivated to take on the next challenge.

Gavin speaks on matters that relate to the individual and how the individual can and will affect the success of a company, focussing on Change, Action and Truth. Without change and innovation, we grow stagnant, and in time we start deteriorating while everything around us disintegrates in the process. For business and individual alike, change equals survival.

Gavin received the South African Speaker Hall of Fame (SASHoF) award in 2015.

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