Johannesburg Chapter Meeting – 23 April 2020

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Johannesburg Chapter Meeting – 23 April 2020

Thursday 23rd April 2020‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 21:00 SAST/GMT+2


Welcome to members, friends and speaker colleagues

Please join us at our next regular meeting of the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter on 23 April 2020 at 7 pm online.

This will be my first meeting as Chapter President and I am looking forward to seeing many of you online as this will be a virtual Zoom meeting due to Covid-19 lockdown. This is the perfect time to introduce or re-introduce speakers you know to the PSASA. Being a virtual meeting there will be no guest fee so do take advantage of this opportunity.

Our meetings will take a slightly different format moving forward with one inspirational speaking slot and the second half of the meeting becoming an interactive and valuable learning session.

At next week’s chapter meeting Dr Bill Price will be our opening speaker on How to Brain Hack Your Audience, followed by a learning session that will be led by Arthur Goldstuck called Facing the Webcam: Presentation, Meeting and Media in a time of social distance. Both sessions will be invaluable to up your game at this time. Read below for more information and to book.

How to Brain Hack your Audience

Obtain high levels of integrated thinking as you coach the brains while you present, using powerful techniques and principles of Neuroscience. Be introduced to Neuroscience techniques of intentional influence while you “coach thinking while you speak.”

Facing the Webcam: Presentation, Meeting and Media in a time of social distance

The COVID-19 crisis has forced the technology revolution of recent years into every home and business. Executives and their employees suddenly have to learn a new normal, including the processes, practices and etiquette of speaking to a webcam. Arthur Goldstuck and his team share tips, techniques and strategies for facing the webcam in webinars and interviews. The service focuses on advice and techniques for being a featured speaker in webinars, for facing the media via remote tools like Skype, and for coming across credibly in video meetings, in an era of social distance and beyond.

As an interactive session for the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter, it will include live feedback (for those who want it) of participants’ screen presence during the Zoom meeting, and a guide to resources that can be used after the event.

In other news, PSASA is excited to launch 3 new masterminds. Exclusively for members of PSASA, these speaker classes will take you through the three stages of your speaking career. To join the Launch, Lift-Off or Luminary Speaker masterminds, please drop an email to or check out the page on

For those in this community who are not members, you are very welcome to join our other masterminds including book writing, podcasting and the women speakers mastermind.

Please all stay safe and stay connected during our respective lockdowns.


Warm regards

Nikki Bush, Chapter President


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