Pretoria Chapter Meeting – 27 February 2020

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Pretoria Chapter Meeting – 27 February 2020

Thursday 27th February 2020‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 21:00 SAST/GMT+2


First session of the meeting:

The Speaker Factor is the PSASA competition for emerging speakers and is an annual contest for Associate Members, with regional heats taking place across the Summer and semi-finals and finals taking place during the Annual Convention in April. Each region puts forward its heat winners to represent them. Come see who will make the final cut!

Second session of the meeting:

The Birds and the Bees of Business

Eksteen will be hosting an interactive session in which we will focus on how you can improve your business.
Speaking for money is running a business with speaking as a product. That is different from just speaking on a topic you like. If you do not have celebrity status on your side it is harder to market yourself.
What is the role of books, social media, speech type and message and what is value selling? Everything from handy tips on business modelling for your speaker business to negotiation tips. The session addresses the needs of the audience. It is a non-scripted facilitative workshop, created on the fly around the needs of the audience.

Eksteen de Waal Bio

As a fellow speaker Eksteen has been through most of the same trials and tribulations, we all go through. His background in both IT operations, software design, sales and marketing as well as product design is helping him build his speaker business. One stone at a time.
Eksteen has a wealth of information to source from in facilitative brainstorm style workshops. During the last decade, he has completed various qualifications in Entrepreneurship, management and organisational behaviour. He even finished an MBA at the top business school in the Netherlands. He is a voracious reader and learner which has allowed him to develop various frameworks and methods to help others. He has helped Coca Cola’s sales teams improve their annual revenue consistently and helped NIBC bank create a new performance management system that has led their consultancy teams to new heights in personal and team growth.
He believes that the business of business is the business of people, and the business of people is the business of relationships. How do you ensure your relationships are what you need to let your business thrive?
Eksteen’s single-minded focus on structured creativity allows him to help even when the situation looks dire.


Please join us at our Pretoria chapter meeting for a fun, informative and valuable evening.


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