2018 Mid-Term Convention

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2018 Mid-Term Convention

Friday 19th October 2018‎‎‏‏‎ ‎


‏‏‎ ‎ - 23:59 SAST/GMT+2

The day has arrived for the Mid Term Convention, and we have some exciting news for those that couldn’t attend! Keep reading📚

⚠️You can now join the convention with this link http://zoom.us/J/4241655576

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The PSASA Mid-Term convention for 2018 will be held in Open Workspace, Workshop 17, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town on 19 and 20 October.

Presentations will cover technologies for speakers, online training, gamification, new business sourcing, innovation techniques, physical resources and more.

There will be valuable opportunities for networking, learning and discussion to prepare yourself and your speaking business for success and relevance in the future.


Friday’s theme is Innovation Inspiration and Saturday is the Future of Speaking.

Innovation Inspiration: As speakers we are necessarily thought leaders and influencers. We should keep ourselves up-to-date in the knowledge of innovation, what innovation is happening in our back yard, and how these changes can be used to the advantage of our clients and audiences.

Future of Speaking: What disruptions are happening to our industry? What developments should we be tapping into? Are we ahead of our clients or are they showing us the way? Learn all of this and more on our Saturday session about the future of our industry.


  • Abbas Jamie – Embracing innovation – The intersection of creativity, complexity, disruption and innovation
  • Alison Godenir – Gen Blending – Embracing the Unique Gifts of 4 Generations at work
  • Bruce Wade – The 6 Realities of Tomorrow – Understanding our current reality and how to communicate within it
  • Chris Voysey – Will AI replace EQ, SQ and AQ? A Concern for Connection
  • Graeme Codrington – The Future of Speaking for Business Audiences: The secrets to unlocking the corporate marketplace
  • Ian Hatton – Morpheus in the Matrix: Facilitation skills in the online world
  • Joni Peddie – Be future Fit: Biohack your brain!
  • Lois Strachan – A Different Way of Seeing: How Technology is Revolutionising the World of the Blind
  • Lorraine Jenks – Future proof your family first. Future proof your business fast.
  • Mike Handcock – Build a Global Business in your Passion
  • Radislav Gandapas – Become the speaker who can share your gifts
  • Roger Knowles – The ‘Real Deal’ Tomorrow: How Negotiation Techniques have changed
  • Ronnie Muhl – MC
  • Ross Saunders – The Tech Behind Speaking
  • Seth Naicker – Thinking about #futurefocus: Inspired by a deconstructed salad
  • Sid Peimer – In future, blue people will mean big bucks
  • Sibongiseni Tunzelana Thotsejane – How to access big data in your speaking business
  • Tanja Hichert – Living in a VUCA World
  • Taryn-Lee Kearsney – MC
  • Yelang Prue Jinka – Unlocking Africa’s potential through Innovation

Additional Fun

Friday is a Festival of Speakers on Innovation Inspiration and Saturday is a slower paced, deeper dive into various topics. Saturday also provides opportunities for us to network / mastermind / tap into the brains of each other so that we can get a better handle on some of the topics presented.

Friday evening, after the brain overload of innovation, we will be delighted, surprised, entertained, and provided with great insight into ourselves, by an Improv for Speakers sessions hosted by the talented Marcel Oudejans.

After all that fun, we retire to Quay 4 for a delicious meal and a time to get to know our speaker colleagues. (Please book separately on Quicket)


The early bird price is still available.

Early Bird Fees:

R1,950 for public
R950 for PSASA members

Book Via Quicket

Sponsorship opportunities:

2x the ticket price

Contact the convenor for more details.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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