Durban Chapter Meeting – June 2012

//Durban Chapter Meeting – June 2012

Durban Chapter Meeting – June 2012

You asked for value from the Chapter Meetings….so here it is!

Did you know that Amazon is selling 1 million Kindles per week?

Did you know that Amazon is selling 184 Kindle books for every 100 audio books?

What the ipod did for music, Kindle has done for books…

So how do YOU get to share in this abundance with your OWN kindle books?


Val Waldeck will tell YOU exactly how to do that!

In line with the new meeting format, our guest speaker – Val Waldeck – will speak on:

1)    The Kindle Phenomenon

2)    Step-by-Step Guide How to Publish on Amazon Kindle

And as a real value add, for those that attend the meeting Val will make her eGuide and Step-by-Step Video tutorial on CD available for only R100. (It is available on the web for $27 @

In addition, Val will give everyone present the Powerpoint Tutorial Presentation as a gift.

BUT YOU HAVE TO BOOK By Thursday 21st June if you want the free Powerpoint Tutorial.

If you do not book you will not get the CDs (even if you attend the meeting) as Val is going to make the CDs especially for us.

So don’t delay, book today!

Date: 28 June 2012

Time: 5:30 for 6:00pm sharp start

Venue: Hilltop Manor

Reply to Simone:

By Thursday 21st June (if you want the CD’s) / By Monday 25 latest (but no CD)

Find out more about Val Waldeck:

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