Come Learn from the Pros breakfast meeting – 12 December 2012

PSASA Gauteng Chapter

Gary Bailey: Played 372 games for Manchester United, making him one of their 20 most capped players of all time, and earning him a place amongst the 50 or so players who are referred to as the ‘Legends of Old Trafford’. With an MBA from Henley in Oxford, and his new book recently published by a main stream publisher, this ‘Hall of Fame’ speaker augments his own busy speaking schedule as a global business-to-business speaker for Manchester United – the only player ever to have achieved this appointment.
Gavin Sharples:  Undisputed the busiest speaker on the continent over the past 20 years, and undeniably one of the most booked speakers in the world, Gavin Sharples has just concluded yet another record year, with 259 full-fee presentations between 1 February and the end of November this year… and his fee is amongst the highest in the Nation.
Michael Jackson: With one talk that has earned over R10 million in fees to date, and product sales pushing over a million rands, Michael Jackson worked around the world at 172 conferences this year. Never rated below ‘excellent’ by his audiences and clients, he’s built a global speaking business with a solid bureau base, direct marketing and social media.
Billy Selekane: Officially the highest designated professional speaker on the continent, Billy Selekane has presented a full-fee presentation every single working day of this year, from mid-January up until today. Recently, he was voted ‘Hero of the Month’ by all employees across one of his key clients, African Bank.
Stef du Plessis: Is the only South African speaker ever to have attended the American NSA’s ‘Million Dollar Speaker Round Table’ – meaning that in a good year he generates fees in excess of $1M… at the Rand exchange rate. Yet, he never presents more than 50 times a year – because he has mastered the art of leverage. His lifetime best is a $600K project… which demanded only 8 presentation days.
Breakfast Details
Wednesday 12 December at 07:00
Coffee will be served at 06:15 with Q and A time for those of you who want to miss the traffic.
Breakfast at 07:00 sharp and a panel discussion with the best in our industry starts @07:30.

Venue details

please note the change in venue name

Definitive Conferencing conference centre (click here for a map)
C/O Kruin and Herman street, Harmelia, Isando
Updated Meeting Fees
Paid Up Professionals, Candidates and Associates: Free (included in monthly subscription)
Non Paid Up Members: R200
1st time guest of members: Free 

Guests that wish to attend – R200.00
Book online NOW to secure your seat – alternatively, you can book your seat via our administrator – / 079 680 2573
I am very excited to share this spectacular event with all our members!
See you there…
Warm regards,
Carl Schultz
JHB Chapter President 2012/13
082 897 4529