PSASA Convention 2022 Bookings

The PSASA 2022 convention is being held at the African Pride Irene Country Lodge in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa from the 8th to the 10th April 2022.

The theme is ’The Power of US’.

THE POWER OF US defines the present and future of the speaking profession, where speakers from all walks of life come together to collaborate, co-create and create a community.

A speaking community that shows unity, longevity, inclusion, diversity, compassion and resilience of the speaking profession.

“Speaking naked?”, “Hey Honey, who is staying and who is going?”, “It takes a village to raise a speaker”, “The Wisdom in the Room”.

If these talk titles spiked your imagination, then you will enjoy the PSASA live-and-in-person 2022 PSASA convention, ‘The Power of Us’. These titles will be presented by South Africans, Singaporeans, Indians, Russians, Germans, and others. They will share how using ‘The Power of Us’ will help you collaborate, co-create and create a community of united inclusive, diverse, compassionate and resilient speakers.

You will find out how you can “Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”, how to do “Outlier Marketing: Selling without Selling”, how to “Rebuild our Economy one Successful Sale at a Time”, how to “Apply the shared value model in your business”, to understand “The Power of Pronouns: Making Your Audience Care”, and “The Great Hall of Zion – Morpheus connects with his audience”. There are titles such as “How to Connect on Camera for Speakers”, “The Power of Two” and “The Magic of Psychology – and how to use it for your next speaking level”.

Not only will you engage, participate, learn, and grow by connecting with like-minded speakers, you will be able to let your hair down, especially at the Friday night murder mystery which promises to be loads of fun.

The PSASA “Power of Us” Convention 2022:

  • Will help you build stronger connections in your speaking journey
  • Will celebrate our African-ness, culture, values, and principles of Ubuntu
  • Will recognise the old while embracing and navigating the new norms
  • Will create a space for you to spend quality time with other speakers around the world
  • Will encourage you to be part of a community where members truly support and do not compete
  • Will help you to leverage other speakers’ experiences and networks through collaboration
  • Will inspire you to co-create with other speakers to truly embrace “The Power of Us”

The convention will be an in-person event, an event where you will truly experience human connection and the true essence of what the “Power of Us” can do!

We have a fantastic line up of live and virtual speakers from different countries around the world, as well as some of the best speakers in South Africa.

At the event you will be required to let down your hair, have fun, engage, participate, learn, grow and create lifetime memories.

It’s time to re-energise your speaking career by collaborating and co-creating with quality connections, it’s time to be part of something greater, to be part of a community, a family.

Book your seat NOW as there is limited seating due to Covid.

Planned fun activities include Friday night's "Murder at the Tavern" networking event, our fabulous Saturday night Gala Dinner, as well as some 'mystery surprises"!

The Power of Positioning

How to Position yourself for media success

As speakers and thought leaders, having the right kind of media exposure helps to develop our credibility and book-ability.

Join us, and invite your business colleagues, to this amazing panel that will be the pre-conference event at our upcoming Power Of Us Conference in April.

Nikki Bush and Arthur Goldstuck, with their vast media experience, will host a panel of media professionals to help us learn how to get better, more meaningful media exposure.

Tickets are on sale now, with a discount for members and for convention attendees. Convention delegates, please contact [email protected] for your discount code.

Nikki Bush



Are you looking for a future and generational-focused resilient community that leads with care and recognises the “Power of Us”?

The POWER OF US convention is where it is all happening.

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NOTE: Delegates must book their accommodation directly with the venue

Accommodation includes: Bed, Breakfast, Spa Facilities: Jet pool, sauna, steam room & gym

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