Speakers Business Model and Quicket explained

On Saturday 5th September, the Cape Chapter hosted a speaker’s workshop with Bruce Wade and Angie Herrmann from Quicket.

Bruce unpacked the details and requirements for an effective and sustainable business model for speakers. Using this model facilitates the process of converting your keynote or product into a regular income earning business that equips your customer with the knowledge and well as a need for more. This feeds into the defines sales funnel that drives customers towards your defined high-ticket products.

To get the full picture and all the facts, watch the edited video: (50 minutes)

This was followed by a detailed walkthrough of the backend of Quicket, the online ticketing platform.

Angie explained the various features and benefits of the platform detailing the value added marketing and promotion options that will help boost bookings to any event. Quicket now also offers their own presentation platform that can be easily used by speakers to present in a secure environment. In addition to this Quicket can seamlessly link to other streaming platforms or to a recorded video for an evergreen event.

Watch the full video (40 min)

Please contact either Bruce Wade on [email protected] or Angie Herrmann on [email protected] for more information.