Douglas Kruger

A speaker needs to be Relentlessly Relevant – Particularly today!

For the PSASA Cape Chapter May meeting held online, we enjoyed the presence of Douglas Kruger as our speaker for the evening.

Douglas Kruger is one of South Africa’s top speakers – he’s got the credentials alright; CSP (only 12% of speakers worldwide hold this award), PSASA Speaker Hall of Fame, top-selling author and consistently busy as a speaker in South Africa and internationally – and once again, PSASA made it possible for us to sit in the comfort of our own studies/lounges/bedrooms and receive outstanding and personally applicable information for building our speaker businesses.

At this time of online information overload, making your mark and standing out from the crowd becomes critically important and Douglas challenged us with the question of whether we are Relentlessly Relevant and gave us much food for thought on how we can be at the right place at the right time … on purpose! What are the standouts?

  • WHO are we relevant to? It is impossible to be all things to all people. Rather appeal profoundly to a small group and slowly build from this base. Ensure a message that is really important to some people and work from that.
  • CREATE an avatar. In other words, work on an ideal picture of who you are and want to be – find the key words for what is important for you and become the voice on that subject that you want to be.
  • THROW OUT what doesn’t work for you. Break the rules that insist you sound like everybody else and find your own style and persona.
  • CHAMPION a cause. Know what it is that you want to change in the world and speak strong on that message.
  • BE FLAMBOYANT and deliver insight into ideas on your subject, being radical and different. Standing out requires that you stand up and be relevant, knowing your subject better than anyone.

It was an evening of considerable food for thought and, once again, PSASA had come up with the menu to get us pondering the importance of what we have to offer and how we can develop that into something to offer the world.