Cape Chapter Meeting – 19 August 2013

//Cape Chapter Meeting – 19 August 2013

Cape Chapter Meeting – 19 August 2013

Paul du Toit CSPCertified Speaking Professional Paul du Toit was the first South African to receive his CSP since the formation of PSASA almost 10 years ago. A past president of PSASA, he is not only a professional speaker with hundreds of paid engagements under his belt – he teaches others to present, week in and week out. He is the author of “You Can Present With Confidence” and the co-author with GSF Past President Alan Stevens, FPSA of “The Exceptional Speaker” (2013).
On 19 August he will focus on the importance of 2 specific aspects of professional speaking as he asks the question: What’s more important, content or delivery? By exploring the extremities of both he reveals the mystery of what makes some speakers great, and leaves many others unable to transcend that critical threshold.
Are you an Exceptional Speaker? The answer lies in your pulling power and your ability to generate an income from speaking.
Do you have what it takes to become one? This master session will bring you closer to answering this question than ever before.
“Paul du Toit’s presentation at the March 2008 NSAA Convention in Melbourne Australia was world class. His content and delivery were outstanding. He imparted relevant information in a way that left me excited that I had learnt so much in such a short time. I can immediately transfer the benefits and apply to my own presentations thus improving my own performance.” – Brenda Eckstein, Business Consultant.
Meeting Details
Date: Monday 19 August 2013
Time: 18h30 – 19h00
Venue: Kelvin Grove, Kelvin Grove, 144 Camp Ground Rd, Newlands
Updated Meeting Fees
Paid up Professionals, Candidates and Associates: Free (included in monthly subscription)
Non-members: R200
You can book your seat online (and pay, if you are a guest) or alternatively via the Administrator, Simone Scholtz, by sending an email to

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