We replaced our December meeting with a social where we did a lamb on the spit. Every single one of us ate far too much and had an amazing evening. Thanks to Lois Strachan and her hubby Craig for allowing us to use their home as the venue.

What made the evening even better was the fact that we had some guests come along AND got one to sign up that night!

We also ran a highly entertaining and informative workshop on how to create stories that can be incorporated into presentations. Bruce Wade was the facilitator of this workshop and he is an amazing story teller holding us captivated with his words for 3 hours! Lots of take home value there for sure!

2017 started at the same pace.

This month we ran a workshop presented by Bronwyn Hesketh all about the pros and cons of working with a bureau and what they require from you and what they can do for you. It was so very insightful and quite an eye opener. Bronwyn keeps telling us she isn’t a speaker, I think she is lying!

Our guest speaker at our January meeting was Daniel Silke who took us through his vision of SA in the next two years. He then spoke to us about being a speaker and some hints and suggestions for us.

We had quite a few guests at both the workshops and the meeting and it looks as if we are signing some new members – yay!

We are continuing to put amazing meetings together and are planning another workshop in the next few weeks – keep your eyes open for it.