On Thursday 23rd April, the JHB Chapter of the PSASA held its first virtual meeting under its new President, Nikki Bush -CSP. A new attendance record was set, with 98 people on the call. We had 43 members from all chapters and a remarkable 55 guests. Possibly a sign of the times that many of us are searching for greater meaning and growth.

Times of turbulence & great uncertainty require extraordinary leadership.

1st speaker: “How to brain hack your audience” by Dr Bill Price

Dr Bill Price, a global thought leader on the neuroscience of coaching & speaking, explained the history & power of neuroscience. He also explained the difference between fixed, growth & benefit mindsets. 

Bill demonstrated:

  • how speakers can intentionally impact our audiences  through engaging fully with our audiences;
  • how values drive behaviour;
  • and how authentic story-telling can move an audience, pivoting us from presenters to change agents in this critical moment in history.

Some of the key takeaways were:

  • every 19 minutes your audience needs to file information(take a stretch break);
  •  when listening to speakers make notes with AHA moments on the left and action TO DO notes on the right;
  • sell to people based on their values;
  • impact an audience through great VAK – visual, auditory and kinesthetic (movement) ;
  •  Stop asking why –  it leads to generalisations;
  •  “Left and Right brain” is a myth and part of a far more complex interface of brain dimensions.

2nd speaker: “Facing the webcam in  time of Social distancing” – Arthur Goldstuck

 Arthur Goldstuck, was our second speaker, a highly regarded media analyst, communications and tech commentator  AND the author of 19 books.

Arthur’s topic is keenly felt by all of us, who are rapidly needing to improve our skills in the virtual world. 

He explained many practical tips regarding the virtual relationship and he held us spellbound. He illustrated, in a brilliant & humorous way through videos  HOW NOT TO DO virtual video calling.  Through virtual coaching he groomed us to become presenters of presence & poise. Key takeaways focused on lighting, seating, eye contact, background, energy, equipment, and making use of audience reactions, polls, and engagement. It was a fun engaging hands-on session that really deepened our awareness and skills in a delightful way!

Nikki Bush, our President, closed by challenging us to see ourselves as curious explorers  in unchartered waters, quoting Anais Nin:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”

 Being exposed to global visionaries and speakers of such stature expands our courage to become agents of change. 

Thank you to Wilmien Davis for Co-hosting and being the Technical expert in our Virtual meeting.

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Dr Bill Price
Arthur Goldstuck
Arthur Goldstuck
Nikki Bush
The audience of the PSASA Jhb Chapter