Morpheus on Purpose

Ian Hatton Morpheus on Purpose

Morpheus on Purpose

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Last night’s PSASA Virtual Meeting was a purposeful event where attendees were taken on a conscious journey that starts with self, presented by the talented and experienced Ian Hatton.

The meeting started at 6.30 pm with 30+ delegates in attendance from across the globe (apologies flatearthers). They were from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, USA, Nigeria, Netherlands, Chile and more, all making a presence showing that virtual meetings are not only possible but the way that the Speaker Business can continue in this new norm.

Bruce Wade – The Batman hosted the meeting like a true leader boasting a silver fox look becoming of his self-professed IT brilliance that apparently is only surpassed by Ian. ☺

After all the greetings we broke out into meeting rooms where we had an opportunity to network or “date” (Batman’s words) with 5 attendees. This format is great as it gives one an opportunity to really get to know other professionals. As it was Faith Pamla’s first virtual meeting I advised her of the protocol which included dancing on a table while singing a song of her choice. Needless to say this did not happen.

After the breakout session it was onto an interview with PSASA Virtual Exco member Wilmien Davis from KZN. The interviewer was the regal Dr. Wilbert Mutuko from Botswana.

Wilmien, who thinks like a man and feels like a woman, gave the meeting insight into who she is. A retired chemical engineer who embarked on her new life in coaching: The Chemistry of Change. Her hobbies include making hand-held combination safes, playing with paper in the form of making infinity cards and more. Her logic vs intuition approach to executive coaching allows her to position herself to really assist her clients.

Charlotte Kemp, Deputy President on the Exco of PSASA , gave a brief update about the call for volunteers to assist with the reshaping of PSASA. The appeal was met with over 40 members prepared to assist. They will be having a marketing meeting soon. Charlotte also welcomed Faith Pamla as the newest member to PSASA (singing and dance protocol for this to be advised). All international delegates were also welcomed.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Ian Hatton who gave a charismatic and enlightening presentation called: Morpheus on Purpose.
Filled with awesome graphics, the presentation starts by exploring Evolutionism vs. Creationism: Discover who you are and make that your purpose and bring that to the world. Ian then showcased a case study of Mandla who was living and influencing from his truest self. You have to understand your essence in order to succeed. Ian’s essence is best described as to Connect, Stimulate and Challenge.

Ian gave great insight into his journey of self-discovery with many lessons that newbies to the professional speaking world could benefit from. A new perspective on life and purpose which is a conscious journey that starts with self.

Although this was a virtual meeting. The people and the learnings were very real!

~ This blog was written by Howard Johnson.

Watch the PSASA Virtual Chapter Meeting Replay

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