All Access Pass to All Star Success – Virtual Chapter Meeting

Virtual Chapter Nabil Doss

All Access Pass to All Star Success – Virtual Chapter Meeting

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The latest Virtual Chapter meeting had us reaching ever higher with the introduction of a very special guest; Nabil Doss. Known as «The French Voice of Paramount Pictures in Canada», Nabil is a seasoned speaker and an expert in Influential Communication who voiced, directed and produced all of the French-language television and radio commercials for Paramount Pictures in Canada since 1989.

 Nabil has served in many professional associations most notably as President of the Global Speakers Federation in 2016-2017, and National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

With such a distinguished guest in our midst we were sure to be in for a world-class lesson on how to transform our skills into something truly extraordinary. As the meeting progressed, we came to grips with some guiding principles in storytelling and stage crafting. The need for these principles has become necessary for speakers the world over; as Nabil explained; “Influence has superseded authority”. People don’t follow leaders they need to follow a vision and as speakers we need to create that connection with our audience. We don’t want to end up poor players who strut and fret an hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.

To create that vision, we need 3 areas of focus namely Style, Content and Intention or as Nabil put it (Oscars, BBC and Gandhi). If we balance these out in our presentations this will enable us to cross boundaries and connect with audiences, the world over.

Nabil took us through the process to simplify our content, make it bigger than life and create a story that helps to inspire.

During the breakaways we grouped together to determine what areas to we personally need to look at to balance the Style, Content and Intention of our presentations while getting some helpful hints from fellow delegates.

The meeting concluded by sharing key takeaways of the breakaway sessions with valuable insight that we can all start using with immediate effect.
The PSASA Virtual Chapter is the home for any speaker who cannot get to a physical chapter meeting for PSASA members.

Virtual Chapter meetings are usually around the 2nd Tuesday of the month, online via Zoom, from 6.30 to 8 pm. Keep an eye on the newsletter or social sites for the next meeting, and book to get the code to attend.

Brandt von West

Find out more about the PSASA Virtual Chapter Meetings here
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