Transitioning as a speaker in Pretoria

Transitioning as a speaker in Pretoria

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With great POWER comes great responsibility.

Many of us are familiar with the phrase: “With great Power comes great responsibility”.  But do we recognize that power comes in many forms.

On 31 October PSASA Pretoria Chapter was indulged with a double bill.

Our first speaker was non other than Siphiwe Moyo, who spoke to us about Transitioning from part time (or no time) to full time Professional Speaker.

“How do I go from part time to full time?”, “When is the right time to transition?”, “Do I even need to go full time?”

These were just some of the questions Siphiwe addressed in his very informative yet entertaining talk.

A big focus point of his talk was on planning and understanding your transition.

This is the Power that you possess, this is your journey and therefore it is also your responsibility.

Siphiwe gave us 3 stages of transition:  Endings, Neutral zone, New beginnings.  We learned that every stage comes with its own challenges and you need to take your time and learn to be comfortable in your discomfort.

He then also gave 3 traps of transitioning: Unrealistic expectations, “I’m coming with the answer” attitude, and thinking I must look like I’m successful.

The power to plan is in your hands, prepare for the journey, relax and enjoy the journey, serve, learn, grow and do the plumbing.

The next two speakers gave us an inspiring story that taught us the power that we have with our lives and especially with our words to change the lives of others.

Nico de Klerk and Jabu Zwane has an incredible story that you will need to hear for yourself.  But through their story they shared, each from their own perspective, the incredible responsibility and opportunity we have, a responsibility to make a difference in the lives of other people.

Through our words and our journey we can create access for others to our own lives, so that they can experience our narrative and thereby have their context enriched, this brings greater meaning for life to ourselves and to others.

We have tremendous power with our lives… and thus we also have an incredible responsibility to use that power, not only for ourselves, but for others.

By Gerold Joubert

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