The future of the speaking industry by Dr Graeme Codrington

The future of the speaking industry by Dr Graeme Codrington

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Last night the KZN chapter had the honor of having the amazing Dr Graeme Codrington, An expert on the future of work and the disruptive forces shaping it. Graeme is an award winning speaker, author, and advisor on the future of work. With his amazing research on disruptive change, he has been able to help a lot of leaders and their teams understand and respond to tomorrow’s world today.

Key takeaways from Dr Graemes talk include:

Adding value:

The key objective is to solve people’s problems, a lot of speakers don’t add value, it is important to have a handle on what you think “value’ is in order to move your speaking from a hobby to a business especially in this time of disruption.

Nobody wants to spend money on something they don’t think will add value ,when coming into professional speaking with just a passion, it’s not enough to sustain you for long, unless you have a business mind set.

Professionalism asks the following questions:

  1. How do you get people to pay you to speak?
  2. Why will they choose you?
  3. How to sustain this when the system falls apart

3 Questions to ask yourself:

  • What problem am I solving?

This is the only reason why anyone will hire you, to solve their problem, so this is the only way to really establish an audience.

Have a clear objective of the problem you are trying to solve, Pick a target market


  • Whose problem is it?

You need to know exactly who your clients are; you need to know exactly who to speak to in the company to get the help you need.

If you are speaking to the CEO, then understand their thinking and their problems, and come up with ways to solve them.

  • How much money do they have to solve it? How much are they will to pay you to solve their problem?

Figure out much is the problem worth and charge for it, at least 5 – 10%

You need to work out your target market, how you can get them to believe you are the solution.

Sometimes they don’t want a speaker; you need to make them feel you are the only solution. Figure out which magazines they read, which websites they visit and conferences they attend and be visible to them.

Find ways to catch them from the titles of your content, figure out how to get their attention and get them to contact you.

What can you do to make people with money need you?

Show your prospective clients some of the people you have helped, get testimonials from old clients or if you’re a new speaker you can even ask friends and family who have heard you speaking, sometimes even for free to do testimonials for your website.

When your clients need change, you must also change, especially  right now during this Pandemic of Covid 19 crisis.

You need to constantly tweak your story to be relevant for whatever platform you’re given, this will indicate to your clients that you understand your client’s problems.

You need have a to clear objective about what you focus area is in order to establish a career as a speaker, sometimes this needs you to adapt and change in order to figure out a way to solve the problem at hand for your clients.

To further engage with Dr Graeme Codrington, head over to his website

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