PSASA KZN Chapter Meeting – 21 January 2016

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PSASA KZN Chapter Meeting – 21 January 2016

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“Once you find Significance, Success will never be enough” 
– John Maxwell



Join us for our first meeting of 2016

            Venue:          The Gateway Hotel, Convention Centre

            Date:             Thursday, 2 1 January 2016

            Time:             17h30 for 18h00 until 20h30

            Cost:              Free for PSASA Members
R 120.00 for spouses
R 300.00 for non-members
The evening includes informative presentations and dinner.
Bring your marketing material and NETWORK.
A cash bar is available.

Our program includes;

Welcome and Introductions of members and guests

Introduce yourself
‘One Minute Elevator Speech’ or share a ‘Needs and Leads’ (Optional)

What’s new for our Speakers Toolkit?

Arthie Moore – ‘The Art of Connecting through V.A.K. Learning Styles’

Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd, Certified Independent John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Celebrating Humanity International (Pty) Ltd.

The reality of the key issues that affects communication within our professional environments are directly related to the understanding of personality types, diversity needs plus Learning Styles of each person we interact with.

  • So how do you connect immediately with a person within minutes of meeting them?
  • What are the secrets to building a relationship that will enhance your professional interaction and seal your long term business relationship?
  • How can you close deals, understand clients and colleagues and build credibility with practical ease?

It is simply this: Understanding, assessing and being able to adjust to the learning style of the person you are interacting with, allows you to subconsciously connect with them at a deeper level within minutes.

Arthie will guide you through some of the simple,
fun tactics you can use to develop these skills.


Mid break 

Guest Speaker

Jan Robberts – ‘Values Based Leadership and Intentional Living’Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, a Values Based Leadership Specialist and a Co-Author of Amazon Best Seller: Living without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World.

Les Brown says: “Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing!”…and ‘Evil’ is winning right now as our Leadership is failing worldwide!

As leaders and future leaders we must provide better leadership aimed at promoting the common good, not just that individual, ‘winner takes all’ mindset. We must discover the real challenges within in our businesses and implement basic values to positively impact entire organizations.

Good intentions alone aren’t enough to make a difference! People who live intentionally do something good, continually.

What will you do? How big a difference do you want to make in this world? It’s not going to happen all by itself but when you, as Coach Wooden’s motto states: “Make every day your masterpiece,” you will wake up every morning, ready to make a difference.

This interactive talk will empower you to
increase your Performance, Productivity & Profit.

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