Mastering the art of exceptional customer service with Linda Ntuli

Mastering the art of exceptional customer service with Linda Ntuli

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                PSASA KZN Chapter meeting: 17/06/2020

Last night the KZN chapter was fortunate enough to have the phenomenal Mr Linda Ntuli, a motivational speaker, team builder, life coach and a consultant with excellent personal, organizational as well as client relationship management capability. He comes forth as a solution driven, content rich passionate facilitator of learning whose primary focus areas are Vocational guidance, sales management, customers service, program directing and strategic planning. He has a great passion for developing people from all walks of life.

Key takeaways from Linda’s talk include:

Customer service excellence:

Linda started his career as an engineer and then moved into management and sales, and with his rich experience in this field, he urges every speaker to have a good knowledge of sales in order for their speaking business to be a success. Even in these trying Covid 19 times we must learn to adjust to our new normal and be prepared to roll with the punches and be willing to adjust to all the changes that come our way.

He uses the below mentioned acronym to describe this:

S – Socialise

H – Hunger

I – Input

F – Fruitful

T – Timing

Shift means you are the key to change, it’s important to always give good service to your clients; we need to constantly be able to think outside the box in order to retain and keep our clients happy. Our clients need to always be “wowed” by the services we provide, the most important way to do this is to be very aware of our clients needs so we can ensure that we always meet their expectations. In doing so we can be sure that they will bokl us again for another talk or refer to other clients elsewhere.

Preparation is key : if you do not prepare you will always repair:

It is important to ensure that you meet your clients expectations by doing things right the first time, always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Offer your clients guidance and direction and the way we craft our talks needs to meet our client’s expectations. Our purpose as speakers is to always bring hope as well as tangible solutions to our clients, and sometimes this requires us to be well rounded as speakers. That’s why it is critical to be attentive during client briefings prior to your talk, so as to know exactly what the instruction is and be able to go above and beyond for your clients.

Speakers need to always look as their speaking career as more then just a career to make money, but as a calling and make sure their clients always receive good value from their talks. During the briefing speakers need to navigate who exactly will be attending these talks in the audience, this is important so that the talk can be relevant and authentic at all times  to the audience you will be speaking to.

Relationships are more important than money:

Covid 19 has pushed us to use technology to stay connected, so we must ensure that we use it to reach out to customers and nurture relationships, relationships are more important than money, they will eventually bring you money but until then it is important to build our connections. Winners are constantly looking for their next big move and they have gotten used to their “new normal”

Your business is not essential if you haven’t been working for the past 3 months because of the lockdown, therefore we must always remind our clients that we are essential and that we are still there even if it’s still via the use of technology. The goal needs to always be to master the art of giving exceptional service.

7 golden rules of great service:

  • Be prepared
  • Know your stuff
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Do not make assumptions
  • Do not commit to things you can’t control
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Always give great service

To further engage with Linda Ntuli, head over to his Facebook account: Linda Ntuli , or his twitter account : @lindantuli.

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