KZN Chapter Meeting – 17 March 2016

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KZN Chapter Meeting – 17 March 2016

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PSASA Durban Chapter Meeting on 17 March 2016

 The Gateway Hotel, Convention Centre


An informative and fun filled line up!

Join us to learn, share, network, collaborate, socialise and enjoy the comrade.

“In the PSASA we work together to make the pie bigger. We encourage each other to build better speaking businesses, set down ethical standards that we can all live by and support each other in the speaking community. In addition we have a great deal of fun at our meetings, dinners, workshops and conventions.”Bob Hooey

Our program includes;

Robin Wheeler – ‘Be yourself for a living’  We will interview keynote speaker, business consultant and author Robin Wheeler coined the phrase ‘being yourself for a living’ in 1996 as an intelligent response to changes in the world, industry and people, and as a vision for humanity.

‘Being yourself for a living’ involves awakening your whole intelligence and aligning this with business strategy for the benefit of both and the big picture. It includes understanding global change; knowing yourself; mobilising potential; taking personal accountability; being entrepreneurial wherever you work; living innovation; leading through consciousness; and, thriving on a new level of efficiency and enjoyment.

You will leave enlightened and inspired with some practical steps to see you soundly into the most exciting time in human history.

For more about Robin see

5 Minute Business Showcase 

Glenda Slade, about Iconverse 

Hear how Glenda trains and consults in voice, speech and language skills. 

She assists people to realise the importance of speaking clearly, getting your listener to hear and understand your message. Glenda helps speakers to portray an authentic “user-friendly” personal body manner.

See here for more

What’s new for our Speakers Toolkit?

Eric Prinsloo – ‘How to improve your SEO’ 

Eric’s expertise lies in assisting clients to obtain the best performance and impact from their websites. He provides knowledge and advice when it comes to online strategy, website development and design. Unless our web sites are optimised, Google and others will simply ignore them. 

Find out why, and what you should be doing to improve your chances of being noticed amongst the millions of sites on the Internet.

For more about Eric’s business see

A Guest Speaker to lighten us

Mike Ivey – “Living on the LIGHT side of speaking”

Mike founded his business ‘Gold Digger’ in 2005 and supports organisations in achieving higher levels of engagement, connection and alignment. Mike has just recently published the book ‘Playfully Engaged’, transforming the way people view, experience and impact their world of work.

As speakers and facilitators we take our work seriously seeking to influence positively those whom we engage. We love what we do, we use our strength and when we have completed what we do, whilst tired we are fulfilled.

To sustain this way of being requires that we continue to “find the light side” of what we do. We too, need to reframe stories, we too need to recover, we too need to walk with ease so that we positively influence people from a place of authentic strength.

This playful talk connects us as speakers with things that we can do that allows for our “first love” of speaking to remain our “first love”.

For more information see

Join us here:

            Venue:           The Gateway Hotel, Convention Centre 
            Date:               Thursday, 17 March 2016
            Time:              17h30 for 18h00 until 20h30
            Cost:               Free for PSASA Members
                                    R 120.00 for spouses
                                    R 300.00 for non-members
            The evening includes informative presentations and dinner.
            Bring your marketing material and NETWORK.
            A cash bar is available.
Bookings: Please book your seat online  or via our Administrator, Simone at  by Tuesday, 15 March 2016.
Non-member guests please make payment via EFT and send your proof of payment to Simone, as cash is not accepted at the door.
Look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards


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