KZN Chapter Meeting – January 2015

KZN Chapter Meeting – January 2015

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Dear PSASA members or friends,Quick reminder to book your seat for our chapter meeting taking place on 15 January 2015.

We are delighted to have our Deputy National President, Robin Pullen, who will share his TEDx presentationand experience with us.

Venue:           The Gateway Hotel, Convention centre

Date:               15 January 2015

Time:              17h30 for 18h00 until 20h30

Cost:               R 200.00 for non-members and includes dinner

Click here to book your seat.


Welcome by Chantaul Jordan

Introductions of members and guests
Introductions will include a ‘Shout out’ for you and your business. Share your year’s top accomplishments with us in 2 minutes.

Book Review

Yes Yes, You! 

10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE

Author: Barbara Johnson
Launched Online with Amazon Nov 2014

Hard copy South Africa Dec 2014 – copies are available through the author and soon several local bookstores.

Yes, Yes YOU! is in answer to the question “Who, Who Me?” so often heard by the author as to 12 years of clients looking to change their lives around from blame to taking responsibility.

Yes, Yes YOU! is a manual type book to be USED rather than just read.  It offers ten chapters – Stepping Stones, that will bring clarity in letting go of poor, false or ineffective ideas and taking on meaning, inspiration and purpose: What a wonderful way to start 2015 from a clean slate so to speak.

TEDx Talk by Robin Pullen

Robin will be sharing his experience from his recent TEDx talk in Pretoria.

About the TEDx talk:

Imagine a world with just a little more common sense. Where ordinary people everywhere have the ability to make better decisions, take better actions and enjoy better results. Robin Pullen proposes a simple formula based on social science that can help ordinary people crack the common sense code. Waging a war against stupid, Robin invites people everywhere to change the world around them by supporting the common sense revolution.

About Robin Pullen:

Known as the Sense Maker, Robin is the creator of the Positive Conscious Contract System and understands people. He enables connected working environments where systems work and the use of resources are optimized. He knows why leaders are disconnected, why cultures remain divided, and why people do & do not do. Robin partners with leaders to unlock tangible outcomes as a result improved human behaviour.

Having developed a pragmatic solution, based on a simple science, that brings about practical results through effective supervisory management, Robin has enjoyed the privilege to work with more than 99000 people across the African context.

Close of meeting

Join us for dinner to socialise and network

Please note that bookings close on Tuesday, 13 January at 17h00

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Chantaul Jordan

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