PSASA Women’s Event Food for Thought

PSASA Women’s Event Food for Thought

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Date:                           26th October 2015
Venue:                        Dori Weil’s House, 30 Saxon Rd, Sandhurst (next
door to the Saxon Hotel)

Time:                          14h30 – 18h00
Cost:                           R350.00 per person

Whether you are a PSASA member or not, women speakers (that means women who are paid to speak from the platform, or in the media) are invited to join us for an all-women speakers event – high tea in a beautiful environment, in between thought-provoking talks and facilitated conversation, using the Outcomm® Visual Mapping system to get the most out of each presentation.

We have chosen the theme of Food for Thought because our thoughts create our reality.  How we think about ourselves, our wealth, our health, energy and our future business prospects all have a direct impact on the outcome.  We must choose our thoughts and words with care and broaden our minds to new ways of thinking so that we can create new and fresh realities. Women have the capacity and ability to change the conversation, the agenda and the climate wherever they may be.  Let’s be those women!

Speaker Details

Beverley survived a violent and traumatic hijacking with her 8 month old son in January 2001. She chose to become better because of it, not bitter, and it’s with this perspective and insight that she shares her story, her journey, and hopes it may impact yours.

Bev NewBecoming Better, Not Bitter
Presented by Bev Milun

Beverley has an Honours degree in optometry and has practiced successfully for over 20 years. She has a passion for her special field of interest: Binocular Visual Balancing and is a devoted clinician and Paediatric Optometrist.
Beverley gives generously of her time in charity projects and is a director for Bona Bolo (See the Ball), a non-profit organization providing eye tests and spectacles for underprivileged students and scholars across South Africa.

Her greatest passion, however, was borne of a violent and traumatic hijacking she survived with her eight month old son in January 2001. Instead of turning bitterly against the perpetrators afterwards, Beverley looked inward to see what she could learn about herself, how she could improve as a person and how she could become better, not bitter from the experience.

She was a weekly guest for several years on a radio program talking self esteem, communication and relationships. She is an author, a speaker and an educator and has a tangible enthusiasm for educating about self esteem and how to remain a survivor regardless of our experiences.

Internal Transformation for External Impact”: Creating new pathways with purpose, passion & productivity.
Presented by Angelique du Toit

Angelique du ToitEver felt like you are stuck in the X-Factor? Do you feel the need to create new pathways and to rekindle your passion again?  Food for thought?  Well, the clue gives you the cue; the evidence must become your motive for action – your self-induced motivation.

The key is found in your thought life. Doing it right today means no regrets tomorrow.

As a women thinks, so is she. Let’s think right, speak right, live right. Celebrate!

We do indeed win or lose by the way that we choose!

About Angelique

ANGELIQUE DU TOIT is a Speaker, Author and a Businesswoman in the world of Direct Selling. She encourages people to live with greater purpose, passion and productivity.

woman with no high school education, yet her business experience spans three successful decades in the world of Direct Selling and in addition, she started her own personal and professional development company called Women Arise! in 1999.

Angelique is an Executive at Annique Health and Beauty with a sales force of over 24 000 sales consultants.

Her book, Standing Tall in a Falling World is in retail stores in South Africa, the USA and the United Kingdom, as well as on  Her second book is due to hit the market in 2016.


How can you create magic in your life by deriving more meaning from your money?
Presented by Kim Potgieter

Tap into Kim Potgieter’s wisdom by checking these five truths:

·         Is money your master, or is it your servant, enabling you to live the life you want?

·         Do you have a financial plan that allows you freedom of choice?

·         How does your first money memory still influence your relationship with money today?

·         Do you earn a play cheque, and not just a pay cheque, each day?

·         Does your financial plan match your life plan and put you in control of your destiny?

About Kim

Kim Potgieter ResizedAs a Director and Retirement Life Planner at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Kim Potgieter has combined her two passions: studying the relationship people have with money and advising people on how to get the most life from their money in retirement. As a Certified Financial Planner®, and one of only three Registered Financial Life Planners in South Africa, Kim is well qualified to guide people to pursue the life they really want: freedom of choice from putting money in its place… the right place.

Kim’s Industrial and Clinical Psychology degrees further enable her to assist clients in merging their money and meaning, bringing a fresh perspective to retirement. With this vision, Kim specialises in changing the way people view retirement in South Africa, strongly believing that retirement should been seen as a new chapter. With the aim to share her innovative perspective on retirement, Kim has created a consumer retirement resource website to assist South Africans in creating their own holistic retirement plans.

Kim’s non-fiction book, RETIREMEANT: Get the most meaning from your money, compliments this philosophy.

Sustainable success – creating a continuous thread
Presented by Dori Weil

Dori will pull all the food for thought together in her closing presentation about creating sustainable success.

About Dori
DORIANNE CARA WEIL is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist with over 30 years in hospital, private and corporate practice.

“Dr. D” is a household name in South Africa.

A recognised voice for many years, she is renowned as SA’s leading media psychologist. As the resident psychologist Dorianne Weilon Talk Radio 702/Cape Talk, for 26 years followed by Classic FM and Chai FM her radio shows deal with any and every life challenging and self development topic.

Interviews include: the Dalai Lama, Lance Armstrong, Deepak Chopra, Thabo Mbeki, Martha Beck amongst many others.

Known as a dynamic, knowledgeable and life changing speaker, she has addressed audiences and facilitated groups in 51 countries, including India, Russia, most European countries and the USA.

“I don’t know if you are aware of the hope and inspiration you offer and the difference you make to so many lives.  Dori thank you for the great contribution you make to building our Nation.” President Nelson Mandela.


We have fabulous prizes for lucky draws, including;

  • A classy Vera Wang designer optical frame or pair of sunglasses worth over R1000 – donated by Bev Milun, Wedge Optometrists


  • A Rooibos Revolution hamper from Annique worth over R1000 – donated by Angelique du Toit


  • Two copies of Standing Tall in a Falling World by Angelique du Toit worth R249 each
  • Two copies of Retiremeant by Kim Potgieter worth R220 each



Send an email to

If you wish to receive a pro-forma invoice for payment, please include your invoice details in your booking email.


Please remember to extend this invitation to any of your female colleagues who are not yet members of the PSASA, but who speak for a living in some way, shape , or form.


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