PSASA Gauteng Chapter Meeting – 9 April 2015

PSASA Gauteng Chapter Meeting – 9 April 2015

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Join us on 9 April 2015 for our Gauteng Chapter Meeting.

We will also be having a 45-minute AGM for our members from 17h45 – 18h30. Please make every effort to be there.

Session 1 – More Than A Logo: Unpacking Brand Promise

Over the past 25 years the Schuitema Human Excellence Group has been working on how the issue of intent affects individuals and organisations, which among other things, has produced the Care and Growth Leadership Model and the Intent Personal Excellence Framework. This work has matured to the point where we are now able to offer a fully integrated understanding of what would enable an organisation to establish a trustworthy brand and a culture that would enable the people in the organisation to live the brand promise. In this presentation Etsko Schuitema will explore the key assumptions in the model and what the practical implications of this are.

About Etsko
Etsko, whose family was in mining, was exposed to the inner workings of the mining industry at a young age. At the University of the Witwatersrand he completed an honours degree in Social Anthropology before joining the Chamber of Mines of South Africa Research Organisation as a graduate researcher. His work at the Chamber was initially focused on the issue of conflict in gold mines in the final eclipse of the apartheid regime. His groundbreaking work, dealing with conflict resolution, led to the development of a framework for understanding trust in this controversial industry. As the Head of the Chamber’s Human Resources Laboratory Industry Project in the late 1980’s he went on to examine the fundamental criteria which exist in the relationship between employer and employee. The outcome was a unique perspective on leadership which subsequently has become known as the Care and Growth Leadership Model. The application of the model in South Africa’s gold mines met with significant success, which led Etsko and a small group of colleagues to leave the Chamber of Mines with the objective of disseminating the model more widely. In 1989 he founded Schuitema of which he is the Managing member. Since then the Care and Growth Model has been tested in disparate contexts, in 17 countries and on 5 continents.In every context the basic premises of the model have been vindicated. Namely, that there is a fundamental connection between the problem of organisational excellence and personal excellence and that the nature of that connection is ethical and / or moral. Dr Michael Jordaan, former CEO of FNB, has referred to Etsko as “the philosopher for the 21st Century”. A colleague says “He is a compassionate and intriguing man, a singularly original thinker and a charismatic presenter who woos a crowd of 300 as easily as one of 30 or less.”

Session 2 – Twitter for Professional Speakers

Despite Twitter’s popularity, there are still many people and small businesses trying to figure out how to use twitter for business.

You can read the many Twitter 101 articles on the Internet to find out how to use twitter for business as you like …

… but if you attend Francois Muscat’s session on “Twitter for Professional Speakers” you’ll get the lowdown on all the tips, tricks and tactics to:

– build your brand
– draw in audience members
– get more paid speaking engagements
– answer questions from the audience
– monitor people’s response to your presentations
– increase your followers

Attend this action-packed 60-minute session and come prepared to join the conversation.

About Francois Muscat

As a speaker, trainer and digital marketing consultant, Francois conducts many training days, boot camps and conference presentations ranging from topics such as Social Media, Social Selling, and LinkedIn Networking to Search Engine Marketing and Digital Marketing.

He advises organisations worldwide with their digital marketing and social media strategies, developing their digital assets and managing their online reputation.

Francois holds a Masters degree in Information Technology, Digital certifications in Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing.

As a baby boomer that enjoys being social, he coaches business professionals on the effective use of social media in developing their Personal online brand.

Meeting Details

Venue: (New Venue) Hacklebrooke Conference Centre, Cnr Conrad Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue, Hyde Park
Date: 9 April 2015
Please note: Chapter AGM from 17h45 – 18h30
Time: 18h30 (dinner), Start of meeting 19h00
Cost: Free to all paid up PSASA members, R200 for guests


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