PSASA Gauteng Chapter Meeting – 12 February 2015

PSASA Gauteng Chapter Meeting – 12 February 2015

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Dear PSASA Members and Friends,

Join us on 12 February 2015 for our Gauteng chapter meeting.

Session 1

An Entrepreneurial Journey: From modest beginnings to being in the
global wealth 1%

Cedric Tyler will speak of his entrepreneurial journey: from having an idea whilst working for IBM in the eighties, to building 3 distinctly separate companies based upon the same IP, over the past three decades. He will speak about his time at IBM, his rationale for starting his own businesses and his journey back to his roots in South Africa. Cedric’s views on his journey and motivation from relatively modest beginnings, to being in the global wealth 1%, are both interesting and thought provoking.

About Cedric Tyler

A recognised thought leader and inventor/innovator in the Business Process and IT Industries. He has developed world class intellectual property which has been adopted by leading fortune corporations and federal government agencies.

He began his career at IBM and was rapidly advanced to participate in cutting edge R&D. He founded Infomet (PTY) ltd in the late eighties and this company was acquired by IBM in 2003. Subsequently he founded BusinessGenetics, Inc., which was listed in US Fortune 1000 list of companies. He has recently founded Barifor (PTY) Ltd and Business Kinetics, in South Africa.

He is a published author of the best-selling book “BusinessGenetics: Understanding 21st century corporations (Wiley & Sons)”.

He is an adjunct professor emeritus at the Daniels College of business and an International Fellow at the Rhodes Business School. He also serves on the board of trustees at Rhodes and serves as a board member on the BPM forum.

He has consulted to and advised many global fortune corporations including, Microsoft Corporation, Warner Brothers, the Food and Drug Administration, Entergy, Wells-Wachovia, JDEdwards, US Navy, FDA, Blackrock, Coors Brewing company, the Standard Bank, First National Bank and many others.

Chaired by Tony Scott, CIO at Microsoft, Cedric was appointed to the Microsoft Thought Leadership Council, where he introduced significant enhancements to the manner in which Microsoft develops and deploys application systems globally.

Recently, at the request of the South African governments’ educational body (SETA), he established a certificate level programme at the Rhodes Business School. The program has been launched with much success and has been incorporated into the University’s curriculum. Over 400 formerly disadvantaged unemployed graduates have participated in the programme.

Session 2

Hacking Google

If you only use Google’s search box to conduct your searches, you’re only touching the tip of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of search.

Jacques de Villiers will be sharing some tips and strategies so that you can unleash the real power of Google.

He will be focusing on how Google can help us find clients, keep track of clients, keep track of competitors, keep track of our good name, and so on.

About Jacques de Villiers

Jacques is known as The Business Generator. He helps his clients hit their sales number through his copywriting, marketing and sales improvement consulting practice.

He has had more than 300 articles published (on real paper), he has ghostwritten a number of books and written speeches for politicians and CEOs.

He is the Immediate Past National President of the PSASA and current PSASA Gauteng Chapter President.

He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster and a Toastmaster of the Year.

Meeting Details

Venue: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown
Date: 12 February 2015
Time: 18h00 for 18h30 (dinner), Start of meeting 19h00
Cost: Free to all paid up PSASA members, R200 for guests

Bookings can be done online by clicking here.

Please RSVP by no later than 10 February 2015 @17h00

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Jacques de Villiers
Gauteng Chapter President
082 906 3693

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