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Limitless Creativity

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The Johannesburg Chapter of the PSASA met on 17th September, attended by 31 participants, including three guests.

Nikki Bush, our Chapter President, CSP and SASHoF, welcomed Past Presidents, CSP’s and our speakers for the evening, Gilan Gork and Dr. Puleng Makhoalibe.

Speak to the Future Convention

Nikki introduced the exciting upcoming virtual PSASA Convention and Arthur Goldstuck, the Programme Director, gave us some tantalizing information about the incredible line-up of speakers on the 2nd & 3rd October. Nikki highlighted some of the exciting prizes to be won, sponsored by Payfast and Camera Stuff – all great prizes assisting speakers to set up for success in their new Virtual Speaking Spaces. For updates on the full program visit here, here is a short video.

Paul du Toit also recently interviewed Arthur Goldstuck and Zanele Njapha on the convention.Watch the interview here . Book your tickets before the rate increases!

First speaker -Gilan Gork, the Mentalist

Gilan Gork, was interviewed by our own PSASA National President, Joni Peddie, regarding how he had repositioned his business following the onset of COVID-19. Gilan explained just how quickly he had had to reinvent his business following the dramatic shutdown of the planned interventions that were scheduled to happen across dozens of countries. He said that luckily he had started “digging the well before he needed the water”. He went on to explain diagrammatically the essence of his Limitless Living Model and how Leading, Purpose and Self Mastery intersect to create Success, Satisfaction and Significance. He explained that as a John Maxwell internationally Certified Coach, he had used his High-Performance Mentality to groom his team to become leaders of impact.

He deconstructed the elements of purpose to develop their calling – where strengths meet passion and are congruent with one’s values.

This allowed him to create a team that is:

  • highly effective and purpose-driven
  • working to their highest values with accountability
  • aligned in the common pursuit of excellence for themselves and the organisation.

Gilan also spoke about how he had expanded and grown his funnel marketing process, including the use of the Kartra platform. Some of the key takeaways that emerged were:

  • you need to create a niche market and not try to be all things to all people
  • you need the correct platform, a clear strategy and the ability to create content
  • you need to build a tribe – a mixture of art and science
  • focus on relationships, not just numbers
  • you need to constantly test and measure processes and revise and test again
  • give yourself permission to fail, that is how we learn
  • you have to choose the niche that is your ultimate calling and passion.

In closing, Joni asked Gilan if he had any BHAGs – (Big Hairy Audacious Goals from the work of Jim Collins). Gilan responded that his goal was to reach a million people by the end of 2023. Given his utter clarity and his razor-sharp focus, we have no doubt that Gilan will continue to achieve Limitless goals as he continues to impact the world.

New member, Gavin Moffatt, thanked Gilan for his remarkable insights and contribution to our learning and paid tribute to him for his infectious energy and deep methodology saying that Gilan had challenged us all to dig deeper and to explore our own impact and legacy.

Second speaker -Dr Puleng Makhoalibe

Dr. Puleng Makhoalibe, was introduced by Tim Okhai, as an Innovation and Design Thinking Consultant who has become a global leader in her field and won numerous Awards.

Dr Puleng addressed us on Reframing COVID-19 to unleash our Creative Potential. She gave us some fascinating insights into her background as a Computer Engineer and how she had repositioned herself to shift from a Coding environment to speaking to Humans in the Educational and Facilitation Global Arena. Whereas last year she had traveled to 6 countries in one month alone, she suddenly had to reimagine and recreate her very interactive and tactile workshops, so that she could continue to impact the world virtually.

In doing so, she fulfilled a 10-year dream to create and host an International Creativity Congress with 13 International Speakers reaching 500 representatives in 40 countries, all advertised in one day! Dr. Puleng proceeded to unpack further the lessons of COVID and how Digital Dexterity required both skill and attitude. After having demonstrated the power of her Digital Dexterity through the use of breakaway rooms using the MirO tool, there was not one participant of this Chapter session who was not inspired by Dr. Puleng’s ability to be a Powerhouse of Creativity and an “Oprah of Optimism” in challenging times.

Dr. Sharon King Gabrieledes, who shares Dr. Puleng’s passion for interactive virtual facilitation, thanked her for her inspirational contribution to PSASA’s ongoing learning.

Nikki Bush ended a wonderful evening by emphasising the need to dream and that sometimes, as Gilan Gork said, “Done is better than Perfect” as we all learn and stretch ourselves in previously unimagined ways.

Compiled by the Marketing Team: Alison Weihe and Yoke van Dam

Find out more about the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter Meetings here
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