The Significance of Leadership during Uncertain Times: A Tribute to PSASA

The Significance of Leadership during Uncertain Times: A Tribute to PSASA

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I am deeply honoured to have been elected to the Board of PSASA – Johannesburg Chapter (Professional Speakers Association of South Africa).

Times of crisis and uncertainty require extra-ordinary leadership. At a time like this two extraordinary women have been appointed to take the PSASA forward at a national and local chapter level during a critical moment in our history, nationally and globally. I have been moved and inspired by their journeys.

Both these women have lived through extra-ordinary mind-bending WHAT IF moments….

Joni Peddie: PSASA National President 2020
Joni has been a motivational speaker, coach and game-changer for over 20 years, a health brand ambassador, a resilience and sleep expert, an author, as well as an Emotional Intelligence global player and thought leader.
BUT she also tragically lost her beloved first husband and business partner, Gareth, in the most unexpected way at the Canoeing World Championship in 2007, leaving her to bring up her young daughters and continue her business against all odds. Now happily married to her wonderful second husband Gavin Broomfield, she has walked through fire with grace and is known to all of us as the CAN DO gal! We are so proud for you to represent SA as at the GSF (Global Speakers Federation)

Nikki Bush – Speaker CSP, SASHoF: PSASA Johannesburg Chapter President 2020
Nikki is a multi-talented, multi-faceted, award-winning speaker and author, the first woman to have been awarded the honour of SASHoF, the SA Speakers Hall of Fame. She is a Human Potential and Parenting Expert locally and internationally.

BUT over and above that, Nikki suffered incomprehensible tragedy when her wonderful and much loved husband, Simon, was brutally murdered in a house robbery in November 2017 in their Douglasdale home. Unlike many other victims of crime who have emigrated, Nikki chose to stay and make a difference in this country with grace and compassion. Without bitterness, she stepped back onto the speaking platform, braving sharing her “WHAT IF” moment and the lessons she has learnt in the face of the six minutes that changed her life.

Is it not symbolic that these two brave resilient women should be stepping up as leaders to work alongside a remarkable collaborative team – Unotido Nyoni (Cape), Zanele Njapha (Kzn), Dr Maureen Tong (Pta) Ian Hatton (Virtual) and Francois Roux (Convention Convenor). All of these leaders are stepping up to lead us through uncertain times and unchartered territory.

Our WHAT IF has happened as a nation as the world has paused, and I am honoured to have you as my mentors and my inspiration.

The PSASA has become an extraordinary local family and tribe for me. I am surrounded by people that want to become the best versions of themselves, who live with grace and compassion, resilience and humour. You walk the talk of making a difference and you continue to shape my ongoing journey and skills.

Thank you Ross Saunders, Past President and a tech genius, for your remarkable leadership this past year, creating a platform for greatness, untold hours of building and collaboration, preparing a platform for this year, living up to your #co-creating amazing.

Thank you Deputy President, Charlotte Kemp SdPFA, for your patience and selfless guidance.

Thank you to all the Past Presidents who continue to give so freely of their time in their extremely busy lives. You have achieved so much yet you continue to give back so generously and graciously. You embody success and humility. That for me is the true meaning of abundance.

Thank you Yoke van Dam for being my partner in crime in the JHB Chapter Marketing. Your brilliance makes up for my tech deficiencies and you are just a great human being #team yokali.

Thank you Carl Schultz and all the contributors for the great Virtual Speakers Bootcamp you created. It continues to both guide and challenge me as a leader during lockdown.

Thank you Gavin Novis for welcoming me with such warmth.

Thank you to all the women that have championed me,  to my global mentors and Mind Valley tribe  – you have shaped me by believing in me and encouraging me to step out from the shadows.

Joni – you said “Don’t let tech get in the way of your voice”!

Challenging times make us appreciate every day as a gift and every one of you is a gift.

For those that want to further their coaching/speaking career the PSASA (PSASA Community group) is an extraordinary platform for learning and growing. Many of the virtual events are free but the membership is negligible for the incredible value, skills, and wisdom it provides. That has no price!

Alison Weihe

Find out more about the PSASA Johannesburg Chapter Meetings here
Nikki Bush Professional Speaker, Johannesburg PSASA President
Joni Peddie National President PSASA
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