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Thursday 12 November 2015, 18h30 for 19h00

· Are you wishing to become financial free and independent?
· Do you know what it takes to build your financial freedom?
· Are you stuck in fearful thoughts about your money and you wish you could change it?
· Have you ever been blind-sided by a sudden shift in your business?
· What will you do when the business you own and love suddenly comes to an end?

Join us on Thursday evening, 12 November, for another exciting chapter meeting as we explore the financial aspects of being a speaker, in particular, your approach on wealth, building your financial freedom, and what to do when there’s a sudden loss of income when a key client suddenly cancels a contract.  These are just a few of the elements that our speakers, Ilze Alberts and Willem Gous, will explore.

Ilze Alberts is a Wealth Psychologist and Family Behavioural Strategist and she will share about the mindset and the psychology of money. Every person is born with the birthright to have wealth. Why are only a handful of people globally building wealth? Discover how to unlock it in you”

In his talk, Developing and Appetite for Failure, Willem Gous will share his experience of facing the prospect of losing all that he has built over the past 10 to 15 years and trying to start over and recover in a very short time. You will gain practical advice that you can apply to your own business today on how to find new opportunity, be more adaptive and find success in an up or down economy and how to leverage what you already have to create new business opportunities and revenue streams.

More about Ilze  Alberts
Ilze is a student of life and human behaviour and she sees her life purpose as empowering others and herself to live authentic, purposeful lives. She qualified first as a teacher, after which she qualified as a psychologist in 1990. As part of the vision for her life and living her life purpose to empower others and herself, she has founded Bella Vida Psychology Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg in 2002. She is known for her expertise in building powerful families and leaders and she has become a leader in her field. She has been nominated as one of the most influential businesswoman in the health industry in South Africa in 2008. Ilze is recognized as a leader in business and psychology and she is an accomplished international speaker, author, teacher and human behaviour specialist.

She climbed up to basecamp Everest, sold Bella Vida Centre in 2014, to enable her to focus her expertise and service on a niche market as a Wealth Psychologist and Family Behavioural Strategist – a service for families seeking fulfillment and prosperity in all areas of family life to last for multiple generations. She continues to build her powerful family and is focusing on a family legacy for 7 generations.

Find out more at

More about Willem Gous
Willem Gous is a proverbial trailblazer when it comes to innovative business thinking. He owns and manages several successful businesses and has won marketing awards for his innovative online work. Willem holds a master’s degree in Information Systems Management with a special focus on innovation. He uses business as a platform for self-exploration and self-development, is goal-orientated and has a passion for helping people take charge of their own economies.

He is the author of “indivineur – Opportunity Accelerator | Start a low risk business TODAY, using what you have NOW”.  His book will be on sale at the meeting.

Find out more at and

Meeting Details

Venue: Hacklebrooke Conference Centre, Cnr Conrad Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue, Hyde Park
Date: 12 November 2015
Time: 18h00 (special general meeting) – 18h30 (Special General meeting attendance only for PSASA members)
Chapter meeting time: 18h30 – 21h30

Cost: Free to all paid up PSASA members, R300 for guests and R120 for spouses of members.

Bookings can be done online by clicking here. or by sending and email to our Administrator, Simone –

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards

Adele du Rand
PSASA Gauteng Chapter President 2015/16

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