The Value of Masterminds

Charlotte Kemp Masterminds PSASA

The Value of Masterminds

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It is always wonderful to come across a technique that can help to elevate our lives that is simultaneously really valuable, highly recommended, costs nothing, and is sugar-free. Introducing Masterminds!

Masterminds are informal groups of people who commit to meeting together to support each other in the growth of whatever part of their lives is most relevant.

In this meeting, we will discuss the value of masterminds, how you can set one up and what progress you can expect to make while part of a group of like-minded, supportive and accountable colleagues.

Charlotte Kemp will present this session. Charlotte is a part of a women speakers mastermind which has been running for 3 years. Much of her progress in her career has come from the support, encouragement and shared learning of this group. Charlotte also uses masterminds professionally, running short term sessions within industries to either source leads, research information or to teach new content.


Event Details:

Tuesday 19 June 2018
6.30 – 8.00 pm
Online on Zoom

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Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Raise your performance by choosing and working with 5 great colleagues.

The value of Masterminds

Cindy Pivacic: Save time on useless experiments – I believe that networking in Mastermind groups provides a more intense look into the speaking industry and gives the participants an opportunity to share their successes and pitfalls and put into practice some of those skills, thereby saving time on useless pursuits.

Hani du Toit: Gain a Board of Directors – Belonging to a mastermind group has pushed me to expand my game and take on new ways of growing my confidence and my speaking business. I bring along my committed listening, my time, my curiosity and my candour and in return I have gained supporters, challengers, cheerleaders, a board of directors and even a few referrals. I highly recommend joining a diverse mastermind group with a shared goal you can strive toward together.

Lois Strachan: Challenged to think differently – When I joined a woman speakers mastermind I expected to be surrounded by a group of people who could understand the journey I was travelling with my speaking business. And certainly that is part of what I’ve received. Over and above that I’ve also found a place where I’ve been challenged to think differently, encouraged to action items I might not otherwise have done, been held accountable in a supportive and encouraging manner and, above all, been given space to share both my challenges and my successes. Being part of a mastermind has been both a positive and highly productive experience.

Aletta Rochat: Support for people working on their own – Being part of a Mastermind group is incredibly valuable. I leave each meeting with new ideas and tips. I feel supported, which is very important when you for yourself. Not to mention all the fun we have when we are together.

We look forward to sharing with you at this meeting.

Charlotte Kemp
082 491 9252

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