PSASA Newsletter – October 2011

PSASA Newsletter – October 2011

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to this month’s newsletter:

1. President’s Report
2. Chapter Events
3. PSASA exhibits at Marketing Indaba
4. Past Presidents want to help out
5. Birthdays in October
6. From the editor

1. President’s Report

Oh no, the fees have gone up I hear you say – we don’t want to listen to anything the National President has got to say. All along we thought he was a good guy… and now, what’s all this!

Mmm, are those your thoughts? Let me tell you that the last 3 months have literally been a full time job here at the PSASA and much re-structuring has had to be done. The entire Presidents Council deliberated for a long time on the matter, and in the end this was long overdue, simple because the association was completely unsustainable at the current monthly membership fees.
In lieu of this there are obviously going to be many more changes which will benefit ALL members. Firstly, at our AGM, a legal new constitution was accepted which is a huge step moving forward. Numerous administrative matters which are taking time are being finalised – all for the benefit of everyone involved. And on top of that, Nikki Bakker, our administrator has resigned, which has led to lots of crisis management and many of the President’s Council members stepping in to assist during this transition period. So right now you may not have noticed many changes outwardly, but believe me, there is much happening behind the scenes.
In the interim we wish Nikki Bakker well in her new ventures and say a big Thank You for the dedication to the PSASA over the last 4 years. We have put temporary measures in place, but do still have a vacancy for the administrator position. If you know of a good candidate with strong administrative skills, e-channel skills, event organisation experience and a financial background, please forward there CV to me.

In the meantime, we have employed two people to help the PSASA out until we find a more permanent solution:
Pat Carson – Bookkeeper
Simone’ Scholtz – Administrator/E-Channel

A HUGE thank you to the National Speakers Association of Australia that has kindly shared their Speaker Training Course with us and allowed the PSASA to use it here in South Africa. This means that our Academy of Professional Speakers now has a stunning training course and this will be implemented shortly. Current thoughts are to begin the course before chapter meetings. We will keep you informed.
The October PSA UK convention is taking place this coming weekend – anyone who still wants to attend – I can really recommend it. They have a stunning line-up of speakers. On that note, our April 2012 convention is coming along nicely with most speakers confirmed. We are still looking for some professional members to host 30 min. concurrent workshops and possible keynotes. If you are at all keen, please do drop me a mail with a proposal.
Your Chapter Presidents will keep you informed as to the current happenings int eh PSASA and some of the new benefits for the future.
Also, Adv. Henk Botha got a group of speakers together in PE to discuss the possibility of starting an Eastern Cape chapter – thank you Henk. We are all rooting for a chapter in PE.
And finally, to all members, thank you for your support and voting me in for a second term. Have an awesome October.
Dr. Wolfgang Riebe
National President – 2011 – 2012
2. Chapter Events

  • Cape Town, 10 October – Beyond Influence: Taking your speaking career to the next level. Bill Russell and Dr. Wolfgang Riebe.
  • Durban, 27 October, Hilltop Manor, 18h00 – Keeping the conversation going: web and email tools for post-presentation engagement by Brendon Hatcher, web strategy and marketing director for Brilliant Web. Contact Claire Newton for full details.
  • Johannesburg, 11 October, Wanderers Club, 19h00 – Building a Powerful Professional Speaker Brand using Social Media, professional member, Francois Muscat.
  • Pretoria, 18 October (Please note that it is being held on a Tuesday and not on a Thursday as per usual), Kareelbloem Guest House. Do You Have To Be Creative To Be A Professional Speaker?, Robert Alan Black. For more information and to book, contact Morongwa Makakane

3. PSASA Exhibits at the Marketing Indaba
Cape Town member, Marcel Oudejans secured the PSASA a spot at the Marketing Indaba held in Sandton on 28 – 29 September. Johannesburg Chapter President, Jacques de Villiers manned the exhibition. He gave away five Secrets of Success in the Corporate World books as prizes. Former PSASA member, Michael Jackson was MC at the event and did an excellent job.

4. Past Presidents want to help out

PSASA Past Presidents met in Sandton on 29 September 2011 to discuss how the past leadership can support the association and it’s current and future leadership. Pictured from left to right are Richard Mulvey, Paul du Toit CSP, Billy Selekane CSP, Annie Greeff CSP, and Gustav Gous CSP.
6. Birthdays in October

  1. Juliette Jenner – October 2
  2. Mark Manley – October 2
  3. Mark Carmichael-Brown – October 3
  4. Reinette Steyn – October 3
  5. Annie Greeff – October 4
  6. Gavin Symanowitz – October 5
  7. Jason Sandler – October 9
  8. Zama Mkosi – October 12
  9. Johnathan Andrews – October 14
  10. Peter Darroll – October 14
  11. Johannes Maluleka- October 24

7. From the Editor
If you have any articles you’d like to write that you think will benefit your fellow speakers, please send them to me. I’ll try to use all articles sent to me. If I don’t put them on the newsletter, I’ll get them posted on the blog.
Also, could you please send me a note every time you do a talk or present a training session. Who you spoke/trained for, date, etc. I’d like to create a Heroes wall so that everyone can be inspired to see how many of us are speaking/training. Yes, I know I asked you to send me the same details so that we could put them on Facebook. That one went down like a lead balloon. So, all I can do is try again and hope that the members of the PSASA are not ambivalent but inspired to encourage other members by their actions.
Jacques de Villiers

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