PSASA Newsletter – December 2011

PSASA Newsletter – December 2011

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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the last newsletter for 2011. We’re of course into the silly season, so there’s not much happening in terms of events in December. Cape Town and Durban chapters are having social events. Pretoria will regroup and refocus in January after some of the challenges it faced in the latter half of this year. The Johannesburg Chapter will be hosting Kivi Bernhard with Leopardology on Thursday, 8 December. There’s still time to book with Simone. Check out the details here.
The deadline has been and gone for the early, early-bird special for next year’s national convention, Vocal is Lekker. The good news is that there is another early-bird discount if you book and pay before 30 January 2011 (R3 850.00). Thereafter it will be R4 250. Check out some of the speakers that will be adding serious value to the Convention on 27 – 29 April 2012.
Jacques de Villiers
In This Issue

  1. President’s Message
  2. New Members
  3. A Message of Thanks from Morongwa Makakane
  4. Where Do Your Fees Go?
  5. Is There Value In Being A Member Of The PSASA?
  6. Happy Birthday (December and January)

1. President’s Message
The 2nd half of 2011 has seen a number of changes particularly concerning the administration of the PSASA. Before we wind down this year I would like to bring everyone up to date regarding these changes and the general health of our association.
Our association has not been spared by the economic downturn since October 2008, and over the past 3 years many of our members have found the going harder than before. By mid-year this year the sums were not adding up and I asked Adolph Kaestner to take over the role of Treasurer. His investigations have revealed that more and more of our members have been falling behind with their subscriptions, some dramatically so, resulting in income projections based on perceived membership not matching up to actual income being received.
During the 3rd quarter of 201, our administrator, Nikki Bakker, who controlled the cashflow and all other areas of administration of the association, resigned. Until we finalise appointments related to administration and finance, we are making a concerted effort to cut down on operating costs in those areas too.
You will also be pleased to know that as an association we have now ring-fenced the Convention income from the every day running of the Association, thereby ensuring that up-front convention deposits are only used for the convention.
Financially, the association has reached a tenuous position over the past 6 months resulting in an urgent need to re-look inflows, expenses and the overall offering to our members.
The current cashflow projections show that we have turned the corner and have every chance of returning to a surplus situation in the near future. The following has now been done:
The members who make up the Presidents Council are continuing to add value to their portfolios. There is an overall increase in attendance of Chapter meetings, particularly in our biggest Chapter, Johannesburg.
I have called on the Past Presidents Advisory Group to assist me in 3 key areas:
1.     Overhaul the offerings at our chapter meetings and re-examine the current models
2.     Contact all members whose subscriptions are behind and ask them to rectify
3.     Embark on a renewed membership drive
This is currently in process:
The admin costs of the association have been drastically cropped during this interim period to just over half of what they previously were.
We are in the process of de-registering the association as a VAT vendor. We will propose that gross subs will remain unchanged. This should be finalised by 28 February 2012 and will save the association 14% per annum and have a substantial impact.
Much research is going into what our members require and peceive as ‘value added’ benefits of being a member of the PSASA. You will no doubt have noticed questionnaires and surveys being done by all local chapters. We have collected these results and are planning a whole new look, feel and value added package.
So, what can you do to contribute towards the efficient, effective and healthy running of the PSASA?

  • Read the eNewsletter when it is sent to you. Our stats show that less than one half of members actually open the email! Apart from general chapter news the newsletter contains other important items that you may otherwise miss.
  • Ensure that your subs remain up to date – if you’ve accidentally fallen behind, please rectify. If you are in a position to pay your subscriptions annually, please convert to this method of payment. If you will benefit from the VAT deduction, do so as soon as possible, if you are paying subs in your personal capacity and not through your company, 1 March would be good timing.
  • Attend your chapter meetings. This is your monthly interface with your Chapter colleagues the place where you will receive the most value from exchanging ideas and building relationships with your fellow subject experts.
  • Register for the upcoming convention. We have a number of members who haven’t missed a single convention yet. This is testimony to the value of our annual showcase.
  • Encourage established speakers who are not already PSASA members to attend a local chapter meeting and sign them up.
  • Volunteer. The entire President’s Council, including myself have accepted our positions on a voluntary basis with no  remuneration  – it’s a case of ‘giving back to the industry’ for all of us. The Past Presidents with whom I have been liaising closely in the past two months will attest to the fact that the National President does what amounts to a full time job. Please communicate your willingness to help to your chapter committee and you will be called upon – probably sooner than your think.

Finally, I repeat that you have an incredibly dedicated team who is working hard at making things work, but we also need your support. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we welcome all ideas and will always work towards building a great PSASA.
Kind regards
Wolfgang Riebe
National President PSASA – 2011 – 2012

2. Welcome to New Members

Cape Town: Nicky Abdinor – Candidate
Durban: Advocate Mohamed Vahed – Associate
Durban: Glenda Slade has upgraded from Candidate to Professional member
3. A Message of Thanks from Morongwa Makakane
A huge thank you to all of the PSASA members for the support during the most difficult time for me after I was involved in a horrific car accident on Sunday 23 October in Pietersburg, in which my friend, and a PSASA Pretoria member, Ayanda Mngadi, was killed. Thank you for the many messages of support, the visits to the hospital, the flowers and the prayers. I would not have made it without all of that.
4. Where Do Your Fees Go?
A few members have asked me what happens to the PSASA funds
The graph below gives a snap shot of the current situation.
The e-Channel will expand in time and there is no Marketing and Promotions in the current graph as we are holding back on these projects due to cash flow issues when members do not pay on time and we cannot rely on the steady income streams. Please note that salaries are down by 50% over previous figures and few months ago.
I trust this gives you some indication of the use of your dues.
Adolph Kaestner
PSASA Treasurer 2011/12

5. Is There Value In Being A Member Of The PSASA
I was asked what value I personally get for my membership fees.
This got me thinking in money terms and this is what I came up with:

  • Monthly Meetings = R95 (actual cost)
  • Magazine and CD = R 80 (actual cost)
  • Value of information from Speakers at meetings = R350 pm on average – sometimes very high as much as R1k+.
  • Value of Information on CD = R350 pm on average – Sometimes MUCH Higher
  • Use of Logo and Affiliation Status to International Body = R100 pm
  • Networking, rubbing shoulders with and ability discuss issues with the GURUs = R300 pm (Based on my mentoring fees)
  • PSASA National Convention = Value all and above actual Costs = R3 600 pa at least (R300 pm)
  • Access to GSF/NSA Material – R100 pm (based on my own purchases)
  • Mentoring Sessions – e.g. Billy – R600 pm (Based on my own Group Mentoring costs)
  • Ability to Participate at Breakfast Meetings = R 3 000 at least so let’s say R250 pm
  • Ability to Participate at Showcase =  As above ( If I get one booking that’s R10 000 payback)
  • Ability to Participate and Learn from Speakers Forum Monthly = R200
  • Web site Listing of Portfolio – PSASA and GSF Web Sites = R300 pm

So total without remembering all hidden benefits = R3, 275 pm =R 39 300 pa
This against my fees or R350 pm or R4 200 pa makes me very happy to be a member indeed.
How do you measure the value of your membership – have you thought about it lately?
Adolph Kaestner – 
Johannesburg Chapter
6. Happy Birthday

December 2011


MARC Steinberg






LOUISE Mowbray




CRAIG Mitchelmore




ADELE Howell-Pryce


RYAN Ebedes




January 2012


JEETESH Kathawaroo


ROGER Knowles


TIM Goodenough


ADOLPH Kaestner




ANTON van der Post




GIBBON Bogatsu




ARTHUR Goldstuck


RAMESH Ramkumar




ADOLPH Khorommbi




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