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Unlocking the Power of  your Voice

The  objective of the 40 minute interactive session  is intended to push buttons and shift mindsets.  The session Shireen Chengadu Full the Power  of Voice will be pitched at three levels:

Macro: the context of the country, Given the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the times in which we live.  How can you use your voice to advocate for change and build the SA Inc. story?? Do we dialogue? What  are our dinner tables  conversations and who is at our dinner tables?  Have South African’s stopped talking?

Meso: As a manager and leader in corporate enterprises in  SA –  are we using power of  voice optimally to effect real changes?  Is it business as usual? Business performance matters but what drives performance ?  Who talks about building an inclusive  work  culture  to drive performance? How do you manage your teams?  What are your own blind spots i.e conscious and unconscious biases?

Micro: Personal level –  We will delve into  your story!  How did you get into this room?  We will  take stock! Can you realize your full  potential if you unlock the full power and impact of your voice. – Bill Isaacs  Practice  Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together is powerful.  Listening, Respecting, Suspending judgement and Voicing  are practices of dialogue.


About Shireen

Shireen Chengadu is the executive director of the Centre for Leadership and Dialogue and Enterprise Development  Academy  at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science. She is also an adjunct faculty member and teaches, researches and consults in the  Women in Leadership discipline.

Shireen holds an Executive MBA from the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town , a Bachelor of Pedagogics (Arts) from University of Durban Westville, a Bachelor of Education (Honours) and a Masters in Education from the University of Natal. Her MBA dissertation for which she received a first pass (distinction) focused of the character traits of successful high impact women Entrepreneurs in South Africa. She is currently reading for a PhD at UCT GSB with focus on  The influence of  economic investment in women.

Shireen has extensive experience in the area of business and management education and  has gained board level experience in the education, consulting and NGO sectors.

Some notable accolades:

  • Nomination for Finweek’s 10 Women to Watch, Finweek  August 2014; and
  • Named a finalist for Top Businesswoman of the Year Awardcategory at 11th Annual Standard Bank Top Women Awards in 2014.

Her Women Leadership in Emerging Markets  peer reviewed book, co-edited with Dr Caren Scheepers  is to be published by Routledge NY in Q3 2016


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