PSASA 2016 Convention – Pam Warren

PSASA 2016 Convention – Pam Warren

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A Survivor’s Tale
Shifting hearts, minds & governments from behind the mask.

By sharing her experiences and the lessons she has learnt from before, during and after the train crash Pam inspires Pam Warrenpeople to tackle their own obstacles or challenges in a smarter way. She uses personal examples of how to overcome seemingly impossible odds and she does so with honesty, warmth and wisdom that captivates her audiences.

Throughout her talk she is clear that there is nothing unusual or special about her. She is exactly the same as those she speaks to. Fate simply challenged her in an exceptional way and she was equal to the task. It is this knowledge she passes onto her listeners for them to use without having to experience the same level of trauma. To think smarter, think bigger, think wider, to think beyond.

Pam has been invited to speak at conferences, luncheons,  theatre events and community events and some of her clients include Henley Business School, Women of the Year Awards, Alnwick Playhouse, CIRAS, UK Rail Safety Summit, Thames Valley Business Expo.


About Pam Warren

Pam Warren turned a disaster into the most positive thing to ever happen to her.

In October 1999, Pam’s life as a financial advisor was turned on its head when she was involved, and seriously injured, in the Paddington Rail Crash. Two trains collided head on at a combined crash speed of 130mph and a fireball ripped through coach H – the coach Pam was on.

31 people were killed, and 227 were taken to hospital – Pam amongst them. Her injuries were so severe that she wasn’t expected to pull through.

Not only did she pull through, she underwent scores of operations to help rebuild her badly burned body and endured wearing a plastic mask over her face for 23 hours of each day over the ensuing 18 months. She became the public face of the disaster – ‘the lady in the mask’.

Following the crash, Pam became the leading spokesperson for improving rail safety. Her battle saw her lock horns with rail management executives and government ministers – eventually bringing down Transport Secretary Stephen Byers MP for lying in the House of Commons. She was dubbed a trouble maker, but in fact her tenacity helped bring about massive changes in rail safety.

Fifteen years on, having suffered a turbulent recovery process which has left a legacy of mental and physical scars, Pam no longer regards herself as a victim – she is a survivor. She uses her experiences to help others who have been affected by disfigurement or burns and has become an inspiration to many.

Building on her skills as a businesswoman, running a successful survivors group and a national campaigner she has now retrained as a Professional Speaker and is a proud member of the Professional Speakers Association UK, Global Speakers Network and Global Speakers Federation. She has also worked in a variety of other roles with the likes of BBC Radio Berkshire and is an ambassador for Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, The Healing Foundation and the Children’s Burns Research Centre.  Her 5 star acclaimed autobiography, From Behind the Mask, was published in 2014 and sales continue to grow as more readers seek to know the background to her resilience, courage, and perseverance.

Woman of the Year Frink Award 2001,  Unison Bob Cotton Award 2001, Sue Ryder Women of Achievement Award 2015.

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