PSASA 2016 Convention – Hans de Graaf

PSASA 2016 Convention – Hans de Graaf

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The Neuroscience of Video

Nowadays video is all around is. But what does video actually do with the brain? And are their ‘best practices’ to keep in mind when you use video, for example for online promotion or for online learning.Hans-de-Graaf2

You will learn …

* how your brain processes images and videos.

* which parts of your brain are active when watching video.

* how to optimize your videos to communicate more effectively to the brains of your viewers.

* some techniques to make your ‘talking head’ instruction videos more ‘human’ and trustworthy.

* the different effect in the brain when using a cartoon or animation compared to a human presenter.



About Hans de Graaf

Hans de Graaf is an eLearning and video expert for the Dutch Knowledge Center for Online Learning (KCOL). In 1995, Hans started his own software firm, Talking Telecom Technologies. In 1998, the company made a product for computer-based examination. That’s why Hans started a company in eLearning: Education Permanente Internationale. In 2007, Hans started a new company called Icademy. Icademy produced well over 350 online courses. In 2013, Hans founded HiHaHo, a tech startup with an online tool for making videos interactive.

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