PSASA 2015 Award Winners

PSASA 2015 Award Winners

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The Hall of Fame award (SASHoF)

This is the second highest award that the PSASA can give;.

Induction of an expert into the Hall of Fame constitutes recognition of lifetime achievement, as a speaker, consultant, mentor or trainer – all the pursuits that we indulge in, in following our professions. We can allocate two of these places in the Hall of Fame each year and this year, we did just that.

The two guys who were the happy inductees to the Hall of Fame, have both been professional speakers for many years and each has done more than achieve recognition for himself – each of them has contributed to the industry in his own, unique way.

Gavin SASHoFFirst, a man who is not a member of the PSASA, but who displays all of the expertise, unique abilities and proven track record that exemplifies the iconic status of previous recipients of this award;

A speaker with a totally unique style, the first recipient has been right at the peak of the speaking industry for twenty years, making his own indelible mark on the minds of thousands of conference attendees in South Africa and abroad, every year. His forthright style and his humour have at some stage touched us all. The tagline on his blog is ‘Everyone’s entitled to my opinion’. Reading it resolved a big question for me, namely, how to respond when people say ‘How are you?’ His comment – “It’s a greeting, not a frikken question!”

I was delighted to induct Gavin Sharples into the Hall of Fame.

Gavin has written a number of books, recorded CD’s and makes these, together with products supporting his presentations, available for sale on his web site.

Richard SASHoFThe second inductee to the Hall of Fame this past year, is indeed a member of the PSASA. He too, has been conducting his career as a top speaker, trainer, and consultant for more than 20 years. Early in his working life in the UK, he trained as a chef and worked, amongst many hotels and restaurants, at Buckingham Palace. He travelled the length of Africa in a Kombi with a group of other people, eventually entering the catering industry in this country. When his career situation changed, he decided in 1994 to become an author and professional speaker.

Since then, he has been the most prolific seminar speaker in South Africa and without doubt, the most prolific author in the PSASA with 24 published books, 25 training DVD’s, 18 e-books and other products. He has served a huge market of managers and sales people in South Africa and has spoken on platforms here, and in other countries.

A founding member of the PSASA, he has served as a Chapter President, National President and a friend and mentor to many of our members. Currently the Deputy National President (and Cape Chapter President) he is one of the most active and passionate members of the PSASA and will be seen amongst the most generous and most influential of those who drive and shape this association, for years to come. It was a great pleasure to induct Richard Mulvey into the Hall of Fame.

The Founder’s Award – or, the Stef du Plessis Award (SdPFA)

This is the primary award that can be presented by the PSASA. It is our equivalent of the prestigious Cavett Award in the National Speakers Association in the United States of America.

Adolph SdPFAThe recipient of this award, only one of which can be presented each year, must have excelled in his craft and in his business. He must also have given much to the profession and to the Association. Special attention is given to his contribution to the uplifting and mentoring of younger members of the speaking profession.

The deserving recipient of the Stef du Plessis Award for 2014/2015, was Adolph Kaestner. Also a founder member of the PSASA, Adolph was a corporate man for many years before striking out on his own as a speaker and trainer. Since then, he has contributed much to the industry. In fact, he has achieved honour in both our branch of the profession and in Toastmasters, where he rose to the highest office in South Africa, achieving a unique national ‘double’..

A passionate member of our association, Adolph has served as president at both chapter and national level and has run the Academy for aspiring speakers. Perhaps his greatest and most abiding achievement, was the financial structuring of our association’s affairs and his contribution to the drafting and updating of the constitution. Added to this, he has single-handedly created the ‘Policies and Procedures Manual’ which forms the foundation of the way in which our organisation functions.

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