Newsletter June 2018

Newsletter June 2018

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Hi to all the PSASA members,

Welcome to the revitalised PSASA newsletter. I was recently persuaded/coerced/volunteered to become the new PSASA newsletter editor. Carl (our new national President) discovered my weakness (no, not beer, although that is one of them….) – my inability to say no! So when he asked me if I was willing to take on the role of editor or the newsletter, I didn’t really have a choice. Many thanks to Jacques de Villiers who was the previous editor (his third term as editor I think). I definitely have a high standard to maintain especially as I am still learning about the PSASA.

Although I am a relatively new member of the PSASA, I am no stranger to newsletter editing. The two which I remember best are “Under Control” the newsletter of the South African Orienteering Federation which I edited for a number of years in the 1980s and the Kellogg’s Striders newsletter which I edited more recently in the 1990s. Both were printed newsletters but we have now moved firmly into the digital era.

Nevertheless, the same challenges remain the main one being to obtain content for the newsletter. The main function of an editor is to do just that, to edit. It is not for me to write the content. That is for our members to do. I will try to bring you up-to-date PSASA news including reports from the Chapters of past and future meetings. However, that largely depends on the contributions I receive.

Therefore, if you have any news – please share it. If you have any great ideas – please let us know. If you know of any events which might be of interest to members – I’ll let them know if you’ll pass on the information. It is your newsletter and the content will depend on what you send me. You can submit information and articles via Chris or directly to myself

Ian Bratt

News from the President Carl Schultz

My first 60 days in office

Firstly, a big thanks to all who have sent messages of congratulations and support. I value you all.

In May I hosted our leadership team for a day of strategy and learning. What an amazing team of leaders. Thank you to Lois, Barbara, Ross, Ian, Gavin and Chris for giving of your time and for your valuable insights. We spent most of our time focusing on two areas: Firstly, adding value to our members and secondly growing our membership. This was the beginning of great things to come.

I met with Paul and his convention 2019 team and I must say, do whatever it takes to be there. This is going to be different from any other conference. You have to attend, so take advantage of one the payment plans which will be announced shortly and book your seat.

Thank you to Richard and Charlotte for inviting me for dinner whilst I was in Cape Town. You guys are amazing.

I am excited to be visiting and speaking at our Durban chapter on the 12th June, the Johannesburg chapter on the 14th June and the Pretoria chapter on the 20th of June, so please come along to one of these meetings as I would love to meet you.

The value in being a member of this amazing organization lies not in what we can do for you. It lies in what you do for yourself. I want to encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits. Attend the chapter meetings (not only your own chapter but any chapter meetings including outside of South Africa). If you not able to visit a chapter meeting, you have no excuse for not attending the monthly online meetings. Charlotte is doing an amazing job and the value of these meetings is priceless. Also, join a mastermind group of like-minded peers and grow not only your business but also yourself.

Let me leave you with my favourite quote from Napoleon Hill: “Once an individual’s mind has been stretched by a thought or an idea, it can never again shrink back to its original size”

Remember as a speaker you have extreme influence.

Your friend, Carl.


Feedback from the Chapters

Cape Chapter May 2018 meeting

Sarah Bullen

What does it take to build your brand by writing for magazines? And what magazines should you target? These were just two of the questions discussed by our workshop presenter, Sarah Bullen, at our monthly Cape Chapter meeting in May.

Sarah took us on an interactive journey that considered the various types of publications that might suit our topics, shared a little about the magazine publishing industry, and got us to work through the process of identifying possible stories, the formulae that might be best for them, and the all-important matter of finding an attention-grabbing title.

The workshop stirred lively discussion and some useful insights as we worked through the various components.
Here’s some of the feedback we received:
“Learned so much in such short time, excellent and brilliant workshop with practical ideas.”
“Very challenging, very needed, very informative, so amazing.”
“Great meeting as usual, well done.”

Lois Strachan, President

Pretoria Chapter May 2018 meeting

Graeme Codrington

Unusually, I was able to attend the Pretoria Chapter meeting in May as it was held on a Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday. The reason for the date change was that, after many months of trying, they had finally manged to pin down one of PSASA busiest members, Graeme Codrington CSP. Graeme is extremely busy presenting and travelling so to finally get him to speak at one of the Chapter meetings was a real coup for the committee.

Graeme spoke about “Visual Impact: How to plan and prepare superb visuals to add to – rather than distract from – your presentation.” He gave us some fascinating insights based on his personal experiences on how to prepare and present excellent visuals for your presentation. All in all, it was another great evening that gave the attendees a lot to take away and think about in how to apply what they had learnt in their speaking businesses.

Ian Bratt

Johannesburg Chapter May 2018 meeting

Pieter Viljoen (SydSen)

Francois Muscat

Gavin Novis










We were treated to three excellent presentations at our May meeting. Pieter Viljoen, MD of SydSen, BMW South Africa’s Retail HR partner, spoke about “How to get to the top of your game”. He explained the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. He told us about how we move from unconsciously incompetent via consciously incompetent and consciously competent to unconsciously competent by putting in the hours to achieve this. He explained that we have to believe in ourselves, we have to set goals and most importantly, we have to have a plan of action.

We got to know more about Johannesburg Chapter President, Gavin Novis, and the incredible journey he has been through over the past few years as he, his daughter and his wife all suffered from cancer. Sadly, his wife did not survive but happily he and his daughter did. We heard the interview which Niki Seberini conducted with Gavin for ChaiFM which detailed the traumatic times which Gavin experienced and how he overcame, and is still overcoming the challenges that life has recently thrown at him.

Finally, we heard some fascinating insights into “Social media and the speaker” from immediate past PSASA National President, Francois Muscat. Francois is an acknowledged expert in social media and how to optimise your social media presence to enhance your business. The tips that Francois gave us were very practical and implementable that all speakers can use to “get more gigs and “stay top of your mind after your event”.

Ian Bratt, Deputy President, Johannesburg Chapter

How to give a killer TEDx Talk

I attended the first of three free workshops presented by TEDx Johannesburg on Friday 18th May at SPACES, The Atrium, Sandton. The three-hour workshop involved working through the structure of a typical TEDx talk.
Previously, the workshop has only been available to people who have been selected to present a TEDX talk but they are now trying to open it up to a wider audience.

Further workshops were scheduled but these appear to be fully booked. Look out for future events on their website or Facebook page If you would like a copy of the presentation from the workshop you can contact me at

2018 PSASA National Convention: XLR8 – Accelerate your Speaking Career

The PSASA Convention 2108 was an amazing conference. The PSASA National Conventions just keep getting better and better. There were eighteen amazing international speakers and entertainers from the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Chile, Namibia and South Africa. The photos of the convention were taken by Chris Vermeulen of the Pretoria Chapter.

Billy Selekane speaking at the Pre-Con event on $1 Million Dollar Blueprint

Dr John Molidor (CSP) explaining the Neuroscience of Speaking

Joni Peddie doing an excellent job as MC

Convention 2018 attendees experiencing the convention via virtual reality

One could write a book on the learning points from the speakers at the convention, there were so many of them. The venue, the Indaba Hotel in Fourways was excellent with great facilities, sumptuous food and attentive service.
The highlight was the gala banquet and awards ceremony where members and guests dressed up in their finery.

Francois and Mariana Muscat at the Gala Dinner

Roger Knowles (KZN Chapter) and Shirley Taylor (GSF President) at the Gala Dinner

Richard Mulvey and Charlotte Kemp Mulvey at the Gala Dinner

Chris Bertish (Cape Town Chapter) enjoying a meal with Letadi Mphai (Pretoria Chapter)

The Stef du Plessis Founders Award went to Richard Mulvey. This year there were two recipients of the SA Speakers Hall of Fame. The awards went to Grant Driver (founding member of the PSASA), and Quinton Coetzee.

Francois Muscat handing over the Stef du Plessis Founders Award to Richard Mulvey

Francois Muscat handing over the SA Speakers Hall of Fame Award to Quinton Coetzee

Francois Muscat handing over the SA Speakers Hall of Fame Award to Grant Driver

Many thanks to Conference Convener, Richard Mulvey and his amazing team for putting on a fantastic convention. Be sure not to miss the 2018 mid-term convention or the 2019 National Convention for more great learning opportunities. See below for further details.

The PSASA MidTerm convention for 2018 will be held in Open Workspace, Workshop 17, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town on 19 and 20 October.

Confirmed speakers include these special people.
• Lois Strachan
• Bruce Wade
• GJ van Rooyen
• Ian Hatton
• Graeme Codrington CSP
• Ross Saunders
Should you wish to apply to speak, please do so here.

The early bird price is available until the end of June 2018 after which the regular prices and payment options will begin.
You can book via Quicket.

Early Bird Fees:
R1,950 for public; R950 for PSASA members
Sponsorship opportunities:
2x the ticket price
Contact the convenor for more details.

SAVE THE DATE: PSASA Annual Convention 2019

The 2018 Convention will take place from 12-14th April 2019. The venue will be the Lesedi Cultural Village northwest of Johannesburg. Paul du Toit CSP is the Conference Convener and he has recruited an organising team which is already busy putting together an amazing programme of speakers and a line-up of exciting entertainment. It promises to be the best PSASA Annual Convention yet.

If you have attended a previous PSASA Convention you will know what incredible value they are to you as a member. If you have never been to a PSASA Convention then I can highly recommend that you attend. Watch out for communication in the near future about early bird bookings which will secure your place at this not-to-be-missed event at a very competitive price.

Future Chapter Events

Extra (breakfast) meeting ! “Are you physically and mentally prepared?”

Saturday 23rd June 08:00 for 08:30, HB Connect, 165 West Street Corner, Fredman Drive, Sandton

This will take the form of a breakfast meeting. Craig Govender, team physiotherapist for the Proteas and one of the Proteas’ team doctors and a psychiatrist, will be interviewed by PSASA Johannesburg Vice-President and Journalist, Michael Bratt, in an attempt to find out what it takes to be physically and mentally prepared. Whether it sis cricket, rugby or speaking, you won’t perform to the best of your ability if you are not fully prepared. Come and learn from the experts on how you can ‘up your game’ and perform like one of the Proteas.
Full details will be sent out shortly.

Pretoria Chapter

Ian Hatton

Wednesday 20th June Woodhill Country Club. Dinner 18:15, Meeting 19:00 – 21:00

Ian Hatton will talk about “Digital versus physical presence”. Ian is an expert on digital presentations and regularly presents using this platform. The insights he provided on presenting digitally and the differences between those and physical presentations which he presented at the recent National Convention were a real eye-opener for anybody considering moving into the digital space. Thereafter the National President of the PSASA will share exciting news about a new benefit for all members of the PSASA.

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