Members Only – Updating Member Profiles

Members Only – Updating Member Profiles

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E-Speakers & PSASA Profile Update/GSF Profile Creation
Please note the your speakers profile is the same profile that appears on the PSASA website.
Your GSF profile must be created separately – please note that you should update your e-speakers profile to the max, as the GSF takes all the info from your e-speakers profile, to keep the process quick and easy.
Click on the link below to download the document that will assist you in first updating your e-speakers & PSASA profile and then create your GSF profile.
Profile Update Assistance
Alternatively, view the info below.
Please note that all instructions have been pointed out on the print screens below by circling them with red.
Step 1
Step 2
Click on Customer Login

Step 3
Enter your username and password that was sent to you via espeakers – if you do not have this password at hand contact our Administrator, Simone on 079 680 2573 or send a mail to to request that your password to be sent to you again.

Step 4
You will be taken to this screen after you have logged into your profile.
It will show your name at the top of the screen
Once you have reached this screen and you have ensured that it is showing your name at the top of the profile you will click on the link below Profile and Marketing.

Step 5
You will be taken to the screen below.
At the top of the screen it will show you the % of your profile that has been completed. Please note as a starter profile – the max % your profile will show once you have completed all the details is 50%. You can upgrade your profile to make it a paid for monthly profile at your own expense – but the profile that you have is the standard profile that all GSF members receive.
Once on this page, please click on My Profile. Please note that if you click on (preview my listing) it shows your profile, but does not enable you to edit it from there.

Step 6
You have finally reached the part where you can edit your profile.
Start by checking your name, surname etc that has already been added in to ensure that it is correct.
Most of the action happens in this section.

It contains

On the left
– Your Contact Information
– Your Websites
– Your Expertise – Please select as many as possible – this is how they find you when they search for expertise
– Your Fees (fees can only be mentioned in $, you can also leave this blank – this will then show on your profile that you need to be contacted for a quote)
On the right
– Personal Photo (please ensure that you have a photo loaded onto your profile) the photo size is mentioned for you as an estimate. It will resize your photo slightly to fit – if your photo is 1000x bigger that the required size, it will only take a piece of your photo and not the entire photo. Should you need an image resizer – use this link
To upload the photo click on choose file and choose your photo from your PC. Once done, click save. A screen will appear saying that it might take several minutes, just click on ok.
Once you have saved the file it will take you back to the page in Step 5, once again, just click on My Profile.
– Marketplace Visibility – here you can tick the boxes as per your choice of market visibility via your profile.
– Career – Your Profile already contains a tick next to PSASA – South Africa, ensure that your chapter is selected and that you have ticked all relevant designations etc.
Complete experience and choose primary presentation type.
Before carrying on to your biography at the bottom – please click on the green save button on the right hand top of the page. Once again it will take you to the page in step 5 – just select My Profile again.

Step 7
The last part of your profile to be updated it at the bottom of the page – Your Bio
Please note that right under Biography you are required to put a one-liner bio that will appear on your profile next to your photo – larger than the rest of the text – make sure the line explains you well and that it is eye-catching.
In the text block you can add your bio with as much info about yourself as possible – the more info – the better the sell.

After following the above-mentioned steps your e-speakers/PSASA website profile has successfully been updated.
The next step is to get yourself registered on the GSF website – this allows you additional exposure as you are then available to be searched for on the GSF website as well.
This will not be as time-consuming as the e-speakers process, as there is a shortcut – if you are already on e-speakers website it will pull all your profile information from there. To get yourself registered on the GSF website as well – please follow the steps below:
GSF Profile Registration
Step 1
Step 2
Click on Login/Register Tab

Step 3
You will then be redirected to the following page
Click on Register – left hand side of the page

Step 4
The next page that you will see will be the page below:
Complete the registration information as requested and tick the box at the bottom of the page that says:
Terms of Service

I’ve read and I agree to the Federation’s member-friendly privacy policy and terms of service.
Your privacy is protected, we don’t sell, rent or distribute your details.
Then click on create my account.

Step 5
The following window will appear next – please note that it might take a minute or three before you get to this screen. Please go check your inbox for your activation link – click on the link to be redirected to the correct page.

Step 5
Once your account has been verified, you will see the following screen. Please click on submit to log into your GSF account.

Step 6
Once the screen below appears, please complete all requested details.
You will be asked whether you use e-speakers – please click on yes and then choose your name from the list given – please note the list will be in alphabetical order, surname first. After you chose your name – please click on continue to membership.

Step 7
The screen below will appear, please click on Yes next to member PSASA. Complete Federation Activities below, as applicable, if not applicable click on Continue to Social.

Step 8
Next screen you will be taken to. Complete as preferred and click on Finalise.

You are done – GSF registration and profile update complete!

Remember to always keep your e-speakers and GSF profiles up to date.
Example of what your completed GSF Profile will look like:

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