Members Only – Articles & Products

Members Only – Articles & Products

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All Professional and Candidate Members are now listed directly on the e-Speakers website with the search function still appearing on our website. This means that we have adapted our article publishing process a little and we now have a blog were we publish all articles written by our members. The articles are being categorised in two different ways:

  1. Under the category that you wish to see your article appear
  2. Under your name, should anyone want to search for more articles written by you

Because the articles can no longer be listed directly on your personal profile, we have added an advertising link at the top of each article to give you a link directly to your website.
This is an example of what will be published at the top of your article:

The author of this highly rated article is Claire Newton.
Claire Newton is a qualified psychologist, speaker, trainer and coach.
If you want more valuable advice from this expert, click here.


Why should you send us your articles?
Benefits to Author of Article

  • Your articles are published on a different website
  • We give you a direct link to your website (Links are sent to your home page, unless you stipulate otherwise)
  • Your SEO will be improved
  • You receive  extra free exposure to different clients browsing our site, looking for speakers

Benefits to PSASA

  • It will assist us in building content on our new site
  • It will improve our SEO
  • It makes the PSASA site a valuable  resource  to members and non-members
  • It builds a community

Copyright implications – Please note that all copyright remains vested in your name. Articles must be in full and will be published as such on the PSASA website under your name (see block above). Articles will also have the copyright logo and your name on each article.
See below for the new procedure to follow, should you wish for your articles to appear on the site.
Article Upload Process
Please send all photos and graphics in jpeg  format (if possible)

  • Send me your article/s in either WORD, HTML or NOTEBOOK format – no PDF’s please.
  • State under which category you want to have your article listed (see list of category examples at the end of this mail. We will create a new category for your article, should we not currently have it listed).
  • Send me an updated photo of yourself as an attachment, should you wish to change the pic we currently have on our database.
  • Send all graphics in your article as separate attachments (keep them in the article, the separate attachment is only to assist in the uploading process).
  • Please note that graphics will be resized to optimise web standards.

Article Editing Procedure

  • If you wish to edit your article, you will have to submit the changes to the administrator via email – please note that changes should be submitted in the form of a new article and not just bits and pieces of the old article.

Article Removal Procedure

  • If you wish to have your article removed from the PSASA website, please send a request via email to the Administrator – giving the article title that should be removed.

Article Acceptance Procedure

  • PSASA reserves the right to publish or not to publish any article submitted
  • Only articles of fully paid members will be published on the PSASA website
  • In the event of member resigning all articles and products will be removed immediately      _______________________________________________________________________________

Article Categories currently available
After Dinner Body Language, Branding, Business, Business Ethics, Change, Change Management Change Your Thinking, Character Portraits, Coaching/Mentoring, Communication, Customer Service, Disability, Education, Emotional Intelligence, Empowerment, Entertainment, Etiquette, Experiential Learning, Facilitation, Family/Youth, Futurism, Goal Setting, Health/Wellness, Human Resources, Image, Information Technology, Innovation and Creative Thinking, Inspiration, Leadership, Life Changes, Management, MC, Mentoring, Motivation, Negotiation Skills, New Generation Leadership, Non-Verbal Communication, Organisational Development, People, Performance Improvement, Performance Management, Personal Branding, Personal Development, Presentation Skills, Quality Management, Relationship Marketing, Resilience, Retail, Retrenchment, Safety, Health & Environment, Sales, Sales Management, Sales Skills, Sales Training, Service Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Stress, Success, Sustainability & Corporate Governance, Team-building, Time Management, Training, Women in Society, Workplace Ethics
Should you wish to update an existing article or add articles to the PSASA website, please note that all the steps under Article Upload Process should be followed – this will ensure the fast, successful and efficient upload of your article/s to our website.
PSASA Shop – Members Products
We also have an online shop available where you can advertise your products. We will not stock your products or take the payment – we will simply allow the interested party to place the order via our website and forward the order/s through to you.
Should you wish to have your products listed, please provide me with the following:

  1. A jpeg image of each of the products that you want listed (please note that the image will be resized as necessary)
  2. The kind of product e.g. DVD, CD, Book, e-book etc.
  3. The Title of the Product e.g. ‘Sales Made Easy’
  4. A short description of the product – no more than 200 words
  5. The price (please state whether it includes VAT, Shipment etc.)

Please note: –
– that you will be responsible for notifying the administrator of any price changes etc.
– that in the event of us getting complaints about non-fulfillment of orders emailed to you that we will remove all your products from the website immediately.
Should anything be unclear and you require further assistance with any part of the process, please contact me and I will gladly assist.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Warmest regards,
Simone Scholtz
National Administrator

Mobile: +27 079 680 2573
Fax: + 27 086 245 7258


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