Haydee Antezana Receives her CSP

Haydee Antezana Receives her CSP

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The PSASA is thrilled to announce that Professional Speaker Haydee Antezana earned her CSP in 2014.


After obtaining her B.Comm (Business Economics & Industrial & Organizational Psychology) and completing an International Advertising & Branding degree with honours, Haydee started a 10 year career with leading brand L’Oréalas product manager and then became Marketing Manager of world’s leading cosmetic prestige brand Lancôme.


Born in Bolivia, Haydee Antezana founded Professional Impressions, a corporate image and etiquette training consultancy in 1999. She is an internationally certified impression management specialist and co-author of “You’re on stage! Image, etiquette, branding & style.”


She represents South Africa on the Board of Advisors of the Professional Women Network (based in the USA) and is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa (PSASA).


Haydee served as a past president of the Association of Image Consultants in SA (APICSA) and was a Founding Member of the Professional Image Association of Africa (PIAA). Haydee has 21 years of experience in the fields of Personal Branding, Corporate Image and Etiquette. As a sought after corporate trainer & motivational speaker, she has wowed thousands of men and women with her charisma, honest outlook, delightful humour, impactful style and powerful message! She contributed towards launching the first South African Idols contestants to fame and has coached Miss South Africa and the pageant finalists for the past 10 years.


On a yearly basis she trains and develops thousands of delegates from the A-Z of national and international companies.


Why you pursued the CSP, why it is important for you or what you think it can do for your business


Having the letters CSP behind my name will provide any potential client with the peace of mind that they are hiring someone with a proven track record of speaking expertise, professionalism, outstanding service, success and ethical behaviour.


This award indicates my profession’s recognition of my dedication, hard work and commitment to my profession and clients for the last 15 years.


It demonstrates competence & professional standards as a speaking professional – thus providing the client with a level of trust and guarantee in whom they are booking. Specifically internationally, many booking agents if given a choice between 2 prospective speakers – will book the speaker that is a CSP over the one that is not.


Being one of only two certified women CSP’s in South Africa and a handful worldwide is highly significant and can elevate my business to a new international level. Less than 10% of the speakers who belong to the Global Speakers Federation hold this designation, so now being 1 of 8 total CSP’s in SA highlights us on the international map of speaker recognition.

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