Mid Term Speaker – Alison Godenir

Alison Godiner

Mid Term Speaker – Alison Godenir

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Alison Godenir – Bio

I am Alison Godenir, I serve humanity by co-creating New Ways of Being.

I am a non-traditionalist who goes out on a limb to seek creative solutions from new perspectives. Some would call me a “global shaper”. As a Generation Specialist I serve as a bridge, synergising generational differences, through a unique process called “Gen Blending”. My aim is to raise consciousness of an omni- cooperative, omniworld humanity. I am one who believes I was born as change not into change and this ethos serves as my inspiration.

My responsibility is to be an ambassador for change, to bring new models of thought, behaviour and integrity to the world. I strive to change the global conversation from problems to solutions and to shift humanity from the old paradigm of dependence and scarcity models to interdependence and abundance models.

I am a “new thinker” and a “way shower”.

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Gen Blending

Key to success in a 21st Century organisation is understanding and embracing the unique gifts of four generations – soon to be five, to blend said gifts and ultimately to make magic. Gen Y and Z catapult the need for blending more than ever before due to their innate genre of consciousness that is both mind blowing and mind numbing. What is this consciousness and how do we blend to make magic?

  • Reversing negative judgement into positive acceptance
  • Synchronising innovation with confidence
  • Co-creating new ways of being
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