From Zero to Full Fee – MidTerm Convention 2019

PSASA MidTerm Zero to Full Fee

From Zero to Full Fee – MidTerm Convention 2019

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PSASA Midterm 2019 speakers and game board

October in the PSASA annual calendar is the month for the Midterm convention and this year the event, held at the Kingfisher Conference Center in Mount Edgecombe, Durban was an amazing success with 35 delegates and 16 speakers all there to learn how go to from “Zero to Full Fee”.

The PSASA Midterm convention is traditionally for local speakers and this year those speakers included: Ross Saunders, Ian Hatton, Bruce Wade, Mel Gard, Zanele Njapha, Rabison Shumba, Arthie Moore, Jan Robberts, Joni Peddie and Nick, Siphiwe Moyo, Paul du Toit, Roger Knowles, Mandla Malakoana, Wilmien Davis, Francois Roux, Richard Mulvey and Charlotte Kemp. The generosity of the speakers in the PSASA, all of whom pay to attend the event, was, as usual, outstanding.

This year we also had a well attended pre-con event run by Charlotte Kemp entitled “LinkedIn for Speakers” which was a great success, followed by lunch and then 7 fantastic speakers on Friday with short (25 minute) presentations.

The highlight of the two day event for many of the delegates was the “Speakers Game of Life” board game held on Friday evening. Four groups with six delegates in each group competed to get around the huge game board enough times to earn the right to open the envelope in the centre. The game raised some interesting comments from the staff at Kingfisher Conference Centre and the events co-ordinator was heard to say “I have never seen professional speakers get so excited about throwing a six.”

After the board game we all went out for a curry dinner.

On Saturday we had a further 9 speakers who shared their challenges and successes to encourage the delegates to grow their speaking businesses.

The overall success of the PSASA Midterm Convention is hard to measure in Rands and cents but those who attended formed much stronger relationship with each other, learnt a great deal about the industry and had, by all accounts, a lot of fun.

The Midterm event is now firmly embedded in the PSASA calendar and if by nothing else, the success can be measured by the additional 7 new members who joined the Association at the event.

By Co-Convenor: Richard Mulvey

PSASA Midterm 2019 Speakers Game of Life 45 copy
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