PSASA Cape Chapter has new premises

PSASA Cape Chapter has new premises

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It’s interesting how our surroundings affect us. And if there’s any doubt about that, go sit in a schoolroom on hard school chairs on a cold evening with neon lights above you and posters on the corkboards round you (some motivating and some warning of the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases!) and then wander across to a modern low storied building with very modern reception areas, interesting graphics and art on the walls, well-placed lighting to warm the room, comfortable chairs to sit in and well-finished wood tables to lean on and write down your comments.

Which you would have been doing with definite purpose as you listened to a very well-informed Ross Saunders (our new PSASA National Chair) talk about security threats to our computer-hosted information and Bruce Wade (Batman for Business) share some insights into Repurposing your Content.

And all that after enjoying a delicious finger-supper and light cold drink.

It was a really enjoyable PSASA meeting on Monday 8th July at 4th Floor SPACES building near Cavendish Centre, with the chance to network and talk to other speakers, receive excellent information from some expert or other, enjoy a light meal and drink and some invigorating industry discussion and chat to boot!

I find that each and every evening spent at the PSASA monthly meetings, I come away with some insights, new learnings, actions to take, experiences to build on and motivations to push ahead and get where I am wanting to get as a Speaker and Facilitator in my field of Voice & Communication Skills! The meetings have REAL VALUE and that is what most of us are looking for in this day and age.

If you’re a Speaker or Facilitator and wanting to develop your business and content and you’re not PSASA Cape Chapter meeting every 2nd Monday of the month, what exactly are you doing!

We’d love to see you almost as much as you would enjoy being with us!

Find out about the next PSASA Cape Chapter Meeting here
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