PSASA Cape Chapter Feedback

PSASA Cape Chapter Feedback

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Dear PSASA Members and Friends,

We experienced an incredible meeting, and an incredible blessing at the Cape Chapter this Monday night, and I want to share this with you.

Our first speaker was Nigel Risner from the PSA UK. Nigel shared a very simple model for speakers at any level, with respect to their fees. We often struggle with the issue of whether we should discount our fees for a charity or perhaps do a Showcase speech. (Never! ‘Free”. Nigel is very, very clear on that.)

He has a simple solution: Consider the Fit. Then consider your Fee. If the Fit is perfect, you may want to do a Showcase because this audience and this opportunity suites you perfectly. If the Fit is not good, then don’t ever touch your Fee. They need to pay full price for you to fill the engagement. And if the Fit is wrong and the Fee is not suitable, then Flee.

There is much more to this great model of Nigel’s so if you ever have the opportunity to connect with him, please ask him to explain it to you.

Then we had our own Tracey Foulkes test run a 5 minute Showcase speech of hers. It was excellent and as usual the meeting was very supportive in giving her helpful feedback.

And then! Then we met Lee Bakunin and his wife Patsy. Lee is a multi talented professional and speaker, and is planning on spending more time in Cape Town in a sort of part retirement. Patsy has spent time here before and they are looking forward to enjoying this part of the world.

Lee has been a member of the Phoenix Chapter of the National Speakers Association (American).

Lee’s presentation was about Giving, and we will put his article on the PSASA website for you to see in a few days time. To illustrate Giving to us, and to open discussions about generosity, sharing, being open to receiving and open to take advantage of opportunities, Lee gave every attendee of the meeting a gift, a most generous gift. All the members and all the guests received a special gift that was chosen for them. We were blessed with books, Native American products, awesome candies, jewelry and much more.

To ensure that we were totally open to all that we can receive, he then presented the Cape Chapter with a gift from himself and his Phoenix Chapter. He presented us with an entire set of Speaker Tools. Please see the photo to see the recorders, various mics, tripods, live streaming cameras and presentation systems. I cannot imaging how much his gift to us has cost him but it is a huge investment.

These items are available to any Cape Chapter member, or indeed any PSASA member who is visiting in Cape Town and needs them for a brief period to be more professional in their presentations.

On top of that, the books that Lee gave to us, and a set of which will be available to others, include Dotty Walters “Speak and Grow Rich” and a sort of sequel by Lee’s Phoenix colleague, Andrea Gold “The Business of Successful Speaking”.

I share this, not to brag at all about what has happened to our Chapter, but to share the incredible blessing that we receive when we share with and intentionally connect with our speaking colleagues.

With Nigel from the UK providing such useful advice about our fees and Lee from the US sharing such useful resources as well as gifting us personally, we can see that we truly are a community of co-operative speakers, and see what it means to be part of the Global Speakers Federation.

If you are just curious about the PSASA and have not yet joined, believe me when I say that it will be the best investment you make in your professional career. And if you are a member, then open yourself to receive the incredible blessings that this profession has for you. It may mean that you need to be the one to start by paying it forward first.

Some comments about the meeting:

  • “I thought our Skype speaker was excellent. His ‘Fit – Fee – Flee’ is something I’ll most certainly put into practice from this moment on. (Regarding Lee), I was blown away. It was a seriously “wow” gift.” Tracey Foulkes
  • “Nigel Risner shared the brilliant concept of FIT FEE OR FLEE which has transformed the way I will approach my speaking business. I love our Chapter’s progressive approach to bring speakers around the World to our meetings via Skype!” Nicky Abdinor
  • “It was an extraordinary meeting.” Richard Mulvey
  • “More than what I expected … It was a powerful thing.” Noko Masipa
  • “I’ve been on a high since last night’s meeting!”  Selma Darling
  • “I have to rate Monday’s meeting among the best ever!. The diversity of the speakers both in terms of style and content was intriguing. Lee was truly amazing. His presentation managed to have direct impact and attention of everyone in the audience in a profound way. ” Shoni Khangala
  • ” It was a great meeting.  The energy is very evident with good humour all round.” Martin van NiekerkCape Chapter Greetings
    Charlotte Kemp



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