PSASA Cape Chapter – Create a Killer Keynote

PSASA Cape Chapter – Create a Killer Keynote

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Create a Killer Keynote

We are thrilled to host two top Canadian speakers who will present a double session for PSASA Cape Town in February.

  • Steve Lowell – The Killer Keynote Template
  • Jayne Blumenthal – The 7-Figure Mindset

Steve Lowell is no stranger to the Cape Chapter, as he visited us in early 2013 and shared some very practical points about keynote development.

This session he will present in February is a template for intentionally designing an extraordinary keynote to build in all the emotion and information that you need.

Jayne Blumenthal’s session promises to be very interesting. Just a short conversation with her last year reveals an incredible depth of insight that she will help us to discover about our selves, and set us on the path to being more successful in our speaking profession.

Steve Lowell – The Killer Keynote Template

Want to stand out and get noticed as a speaker, trainer, author or entrepreneur?  The Killer Keynote Template is a simple system tat you can use to create powerful, influential and inspiring presentations.  Whether you’re presenting keynotes, breakout sessions, sales presentations or training programs, this template will give you the edge you need over other presenters by helping you arrange your content so it has maximum impact.

In this session, we’ll not only explore how you can use this amazing system to create your own powerhouse presentations; we’ll give you an opportunity to try it out right then and there!  You’ll create a mini-keynote presentation, then we’ll invite some volunteers to take the stage and present their mini-keynote while being coached for platform skills right there on the spot.

You’ll watch transformations happen right before your eyes!  Who knows…maybe YOU will be one of our lucky volunteers!

Jayne Blumenthal, The 7-Figure Mindset Mentor – Change your mindset, change your patterns, change your life

In her 25 years of running a multi-million dollar international business, Jayne has noticed that most entrepreneurs get stuck in patterns that prevent them from reaching their financial goals.

That’s why she created a unique method to eliminate destructive patterns and behaviours for entrepreneurs and speakers who are tired of constantly falling short of their potential.

Rather than just identifying limiting patterns and behaviours, Jayne’s unique approach actually identifies the source of the limiting patterns and behaviours which is typically a destructive mindset.

Jayne’s expertise is helping entrepreneurs and speakers establish a 7-Figure mindset so they can finally reach your full potential.


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