Anton van der Post
Anton van der Post was awarded his CSP in 1982, long before the PSASA came to be. He was the first South African to be awarded a CSP.
In 1970 Anton van der Post began running seminars on Interpersonal Skills and Team Integration, and later Effective Speaking, and was instrumental in pioneering the training industry in South Africa.

Anton has personally conducted over 2500 seminars, and spoken at well over 3000 conventions in different parts of the world, with audiences numbering from 100 to 5000. He has been instrumental in positively affecting the lives of thousands of people over the past 43years.Anton van der Post regarded as one of the founders and innovators of self-development and motivation in South Africa, was the first person to provide seminars on interpersonal skills, management communication and development back in 1970.
Since then, he has dedicated 43 years of his life to developing and perfecting his skills as a communicator, speaker, motivator and management consultant. Anton’s very direct, honest, highly entertaining and humorous approach combined with his ability to listen allows him to get to the heart of an issue within a team and get each person to take accountability for making real change.
Anton is a Certified Speaking Professional accredited by the National Speakers Association of the USA, and was awarded the South African Professional Speakers’ Association Hall of Fame Award in 2009.
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