Cape Chapter Report Back – January 2014

Alan Stevens was the guest speaker at our Cape Chapter event in January. Of course, it was not possible at this stage to have Alan appear in person, but he beautifully demonstrated his topic by addressing us via Skype. And his topic was – How to be a Virtual Speaker. The content in this video of around 24 minutes, is essential viewing for any speaker wanting to keep up with modern communication and to take speaking opportunities that might not otherwise be available.Alan Stevens
As the Media Coach, Alan has extensive experience in both traditional media as well as social media, and his professionalism and insights make this a very entertaining video.
Besides this video, I encourage you to have a look at his site and sign up for either the weekly podcast (radio show) or the newsletter. This is content you will anticipate each week with gladness.
Report: Charlotte Kemp

On a technical note, this is how the event was set up:

  • Alan came to us on Skype using the venue’s wifi.
  • The computer was connected to a larger computer screen, rather than being projected to a full screen, mostly because we had a smallish audience gathered around the table.
  • The recording of the video was done – wait for it – on a cell phone placed in a mini cell phone tripod (about R100 in cell phone stores). You can see the angle of the computer screen and the PSASA banner behind it.
  • The editing was done with free software available on either PCs or Macs – this one was a Mac.