Adele du Rand SCreating inspiring workplaces is what Adele is all about. She is a big thinker, an experienced speaker, facilitator, trainer and leadership coach. She believes that that when people are able to achieve their potential – personally and professionally – they will soar! As a result, you will achieve your business results.

Adele’s passion about people and business results ensures the creation of a long-lasting relationship with others. Her relevant and interesting, sometimes very funny stories, content and lessons, she has the power to pack a punch at your event or conference!
What Adele will do for you:

  • Come as an engagement expert, not an expert on your business.  She will help you at different levels, but will not pretend to know your business.
  • Base the information and recommendations on powerful and researched information and studies, providing you with a unique framework to foster and grow engagement.
  • Be issue centric.  Adele will focus on your concerns and issues, and help to create approaches and solutions to address it!

What Adele won’t do for you:

  • Sell interventions.  If it doesn’t meet your requirements, it will not be considered.
  • Say YES to any engagement or project.  She will only accept an engagement or project if she knows she can add value and results to your business.
  • Keep skills for herself. Being able to continue without her and sustain the energy and momentum is important!

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