At the President’s Council meeting on Saturday 18 May 2013 we debated at length the question of the Academy for Professional Speakers (APS).

The debate looked at what such an academy would look like, the time, effort, energy, resources, finances etc. it would take to run such an academy.

In looking to get this off the ground we also looked at what the NSA USA and Canadian and Australians were doing.
The overwhelming consensus was that we are just not big enough as an association right now to commit to such a venture.  Neither is it part of our core business.
A contributing factor in making this decision was that there are now at least 3  “schools”  that are/will be running programmes for speakers and aspiring speakers. These will supplement the programmes of the PSASA very adequately without the PSASA having to re-invent the wheel and create yet another such school.
We are focusing on Professional Speakers
Also, we clearly understood that our primary focus should  be on the needs of the the Professional Speakers in Southern Africa for whom the PSASA was formed.
We need to provide these members with the inputs they require to grow their business and stage craft and by so doing we will automatically be providing guidance for all the aspiring speakers in their different stages of development towards entering the Speaking Profession Full time.
The question of the PSASA forming and running its own APS will, however, remain on the agenda and be reviewed annually.
Article by: Immediate Past President, Adolph Kaestner – Professional Speaker
Adolph Kaestner, motivational speaker