SdPFA Nomination

The Stef du Plessis Founders Award – Nomination Form

I wish to have the nominating committee consider the following person for the Stef Du Plessis Founders Award: This is the highest honour bestowed on a member of the PSASA.

Award Criteria

  1. Accomplishments (presenting, business & community)
  2. Service to PSASA (national & chapter)
  3. Service to members (generally and individually)
  4. Contribution to the community (optional)
  5. Consistent compliance with the PSASA code of ethics
  6. Enjoy a reputable reputation as an upstanding member of the PSASA and be in good standing
  7. Nominees must be a Professional PSASA Member of at least 3 years standing.
  8. Sitting members of the PSASA Executive Council are not eligible for the award under any circumstances.

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