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Stef du Plessis Founder’s Award

This is the Highest Honour of the PSASA

Acronym = SdPFA

Award Details

This Award recognises a PSASA member whose outstanding contribution to the association and to the speaking industry over the years have earned the utmost respect, honour and admiration in the association and the profession.

  • Their actions have consistently epitomised sharing, guiding, supporting and encouragement of other members.
  • They have been instrumental in growing the speaking industry as a whole.
  • Their commitment to excellence and professionalism as a professional speaker provides a role model for us all.
Stef du Plessis Founder's Award

There will be only one recipient per annum.

The award recipient will receive a floating trophy, and a miniature replica to keep.

Their names are inscribed on the trophy forever and they may use the title “Recipient of the Stef du Plessis Award” in their signature and on stationery.

The award is made at the gala awards evening of the annual convention, and is the climax of the evening.

A recipient of the Stef du Plessis Award can also be an existing inductee in to the SA Speaker’s Hall of Fame, or can receive this award in the same year as being inducted in to the SA Speaker’s Hall of Fame.

Award Criteria

  1. Accomplishments (presenting, business & community)
  2. Service to PSASA (national & chapter)
  3. Service to members (generally and individually)
  4. Contribution to the community (optional)
  5. Consistent compliance with the PSASA code of ethics
  6. Enjoy a reputable reputation as an upstanding member of the PSASA and be in good standing
  7. Nominees must be a Professional PSASA Member of at least 3 years standing.
  8. The Current President and Council Members are not eligible for this award.

Previous Winners

Richard Mulvey 2017 winner of SdPFA

Richard Mulvey

Jacques de Villiers 2016 winner of SdPFA

Jacques de Villiers

Adolph Kaestner 2015 winner of SdPFA

Adolph Kaestner

Steph du Plessis 2013 winner of SdPFA

Steph du Plessis

Richard Mulvey 2017 winner of SdPFA

Roger Knowles

Annie Greeff 2010 winner of SdPFA

Annie Greeff
(1953 – 2013)

Paul du Toit 2009 winner of SdPFA

Paul du Toit
CSP, GSF Fellow

Steph du Plessis 2013 winner of SdPFA

Clive Simpkins

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