The Southern Africa Educator Hall of Fame Award – Nomination Form


Induction of an expert in to the Southern Africa Educator Hall of Fame is a lifetime achievement award. It recognises overall high levels of success, and is the second highest honour of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. The SAEHoF reflects outstanding success in the field of professional training, consulting, coaching or other closely related fields and reflects extraordinary acknowledgement, respect and admiration of the members of the PSASA, and by default of their respective industries as a whole.

Evaluation Criteria

Inductees need to meet all of these requirement:

  • Must be a Professional PSASA member, in good standing, with at least 5 years’ unbroken membership at the time of nomination
  • Must display excellent presentation performance as a presenter and must demonstrate high levels of content delivery
  • Must be a full time career professional presenter, practising as a trainer, coach, facilitator, teambuilder or other closely related activity for a minimum of 7 years at the time of nomination, deriving a minimum of 50% of their total income from this activity / these activities (whilst inductees may have other streams of income, and even hold other vocations or careers, such other activities should be in addition to them being a full time career professional presenter)
  • Been active in the training, coaching, facilitating, teambuilding or associated industries for more than 7 years
  • Must have developed / designed, and must present their own body of work (aside from any other IP that they may be licenced to present) and must display excellent educational transfer of their own (and, if applicable, other) intellectual property
  • Must derive an additional 35% or more of their total income from other activities as a presenter (over and above their presentation fees), and / or from sales on products (including licence fees, royalties, and the likes) related to and in support of their endeavours as a professional presenter
  • Must be a citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique or Madagascar
  • Must demonstrate the four E’s – Expertise, Eloquence, Ethics, Enterprise in all business dealings and conduct
  • Is seen as an icon by other presenters in their country of residence and must be an example to others
  • Must be approachable by fellow presenters (within reason) and must demonstrate an interest and contribution in developing and mentoring young talent in their local training, facilitation, coaching, teambuilding and / or associated industries
  • Must display/demonstrate at least 6 of the following 8 professional characteristics:
    • overall professionalism,
    • proven business acumen,
    • presentable image,
    • unique style,
    • effective communicator,
    • successful products,
    • marketing ingenuity,
    • effective electronic presence

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